A Closer Look at the DraftKings Free Contest Arcade

Free Contest Arcade is a new ongoing promotion introduced in June centering around DraftKings freerolls. $20k is being awarded in June alone.


In early July DraftKings introduced a series of changes to their Players Reward and promotion lineup which included, among other things, the introduction of the Free Contest Arcade.

The Free Contest Arcade is a way for DFS players to play and experience DraftKings without risking of their own funds

What is the Free Contest Arcade and what can players expect from the program?

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DraftKings Free Contest Arcade Explained

In its simplest explanation, the DraftKings Free Contest Arcade can be described as a collection of all available DraftKings freerolls available on the site.

The number of freerolls drastically increased with the launch of the program. In fact, it is awarding $20,000 in free prizes during of the month of June alone.

Players can find the Arcade under “Promotions” when at the DraftKings website.

What is Offered in the DraftKings Free Contest Arcade

The Free Contest Arcade page declares to players: “play favorite fantasy sports for free every day to win prizes. And it’s not just cash prizes being given away. Some contests will also be giving away DraftKings merchandise as well as “Bucket List Experiences.”

Because DraftKings used to only offer $10 freerolls, this is a big improvement for players. Those MLB, NFL and freerolls are still available, but players will also be able to enter a wide variety of additional freerolls, available for most sports (MLS, PGA, MLB, MMA, NBA, NFL and more) and eSports available on DraftKings (yes even League of Legends freerolls).

Some highlights include:

–Trip Experience events. A June MLB contest awarded a player with a $2,000 prize package that included tickets, hotel stay and airfare credit
–$1,500 monthly freerolls with daily qualifiers
–$500 weekend specials which will pay the top 128 players
–$10 freerolls

A Look at Free Contest Arcade

The Free Contest Arcade is easy to navigate. Near the top of the Arcade, you’ll see “Today’s Free Featured Contest,” which you can enter directly if you are signed in.


This is far as you want to go if you just want to enter a quick freeroll or see the best freeroll for the day.

Below the featured event, you will see a list of all upcoming freerolls for the next day or two, which you can easily sort by sport, contest, prize or live. You can also enter these contests directly from the page.


There’s also another way to find DraftKings freerolls. The easiest way is to search for “Contest Arcade” in the search box if you are the tab for a specific sport.

You can also sort contests by “Entry Fee” to view those that do not cost any money to enter. The one side to this method is that you will have play contests mixed in.


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