WSOP Main Event Late Regislation

WSOP Main Event Late Registration Policy is “Awful,” says Poker Commentator

The 2020 WSOP Main Event late registration rules are “awful,” according to veteran commentator Norman Chad. See what poker players and industry representatives are posting on Twitter.

The World Series of Poker recently announced the official 2020 tournament dates for its annual showcase, with the Main Event scheduled to run from July 1st to July 14th.

Although full “tournament structure” sheets for 2020 bracelet events remain unavailable, one clause contained within the December 11th release has stirred debate on social media.

The decision by executives to allow for “Day 2” WSOP Main Event late registration in 2020 provoked an immediate reaction from longtime commentator Norman Chad, who called the policy “awful.”

Chad sharply criticized “unlimited re-entry” formats in WSOP Europe bracelet events less than two months ago, and was quick to relay his concerns with the “Day 2” aspect of WSOP Main Event late registration to WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage.

Savage, who has been a mainstay as a poker tournament director for well over a decade believes that the “late registration” extension into Day 2 doesn’t provide an unfair advantage to skill-based players.

Twitter user “J.B.” pointed out in a separate reply to Part Time Poker‘s own Matt Kaufman, that waiting until “Day 2” to register potentially “has a lot of advantages” for select players.

However, that view is not shared by live and online poker veteran Jason Mercier, who says it’s a “disadvantage” to wait until Day 2 to register the WSOP Main Event — adding that the policy is “good for the game and for the tournament.”

Longtime poker player and fan Matt Salsberg opined that the “Day 2” WSOP Main Event late registration is “helpful,” but Norman Chad stood firm behind his register on time or don’t play methodology to how the WSOP Main Event should be structured.

Former WSOP Main Event 6th place finisher Kenny Hallaert countered that the new Day 2 late registration policy “solves a lot of logistical problems” — but that opinion likewise failed to impress Norman Chad.

WSOP Main Event “Day 2” Registration (Conclusion)

Since Norman Chad’s October 19th call on the carpet of influential poker personalities, players who routinely participate in WSOP bracelet events have responded by providing their informed feedback on several contentious topics revolving around the longest-running poker tournament series.

So, is the 2020 WSOP Main Event late registration policy ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for poker?

The answer to this question probably depends, but either way it is highly unlikely that the Day 2 late registration policy will create significant uproar once July 2020 arrives, as the change from “Level 3” to “Level 6” late registration isn’t that significant — aside from the obvious advantage/disadvantage/distinction of being able to skip Day 1 action entirely.

As communicated in previous articles, the final say (and the responsibility that comes along with that) belongs to the World Series of Poker brand. Regardless of what is decided in the end, the WSOP attracts well over 100,000 tourists and 150,000 players annually to the Las Vegas showcase tournament series. This in turn provides much-needed gaming, lodging, and retail economic stimulus to the world’s most famous gambling destination during the summer months.

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