WATCH NOW: Polk vs. Negreanu Round #20

Watch Now: Polk vs. Negreanu High Stakes Online Match

WATCH NOW: Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu heads-up high stakes match, exclusively on

Session #29 of the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu grudge match starts Monday, January 18th at:

2:30pm Pacific/5:30pm Eastern/10:30pm UTC

REPORT: Doug Polk Maintains Grudge Match Lead After 28 Rounds (Upswing Poker – Jan 15, 2021)

Round 28 Original Cast Date: Jan 15, 2021 (GGPoker YouTube channel)

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LIVE STREAM LINK (YOUTUBE): Solve For Why YouTube Channel

Doug Polk Leads After 28 Rounds

Six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu jumped-out to an early $116,500 lead after the first 200 hands, which have been made publicly-available courtesy of premium televised poker subscription service PokerGO.

However, Doug Polk has enjoyed relative online dominance so far.

After 28 rounds, Doug leads Daniel by approximately $630,000 following roughly 16,500 hands.

Second “Live” Session Delayed Due to COVID

Although the prospect of a second High Stakes Feud “live session” has been teased periodically during commentary, Daniel informed Solve For Why viewers recently that neither contestant wants to play “live” at the PokerGO Studio for the time being.

“If it wasn’t for COVID and all that, and I could play weekly against Doug ‘live,’ I think that really benefits me significantly, right? For a lot of reasons. But because of COVID, he doesn’t want to go down there. I don’t want to go down there. The vaccine is almost here. So… who knows? Maybe after all that we might play some live…” -Daniel Negreanu: Dec 17, 2020

Where Can I Discuss the Polk vs. Negreanu Grudge Match?

There is an active discussion thread on the TwoPlusTwo News, Views & Gossip forum (linked below).

DISCUSS NOW: Players and Fans Share Insight on Polk vs. Negreanu (2+2 NVG)

EXCLUSIVE: Million Dollar Rivals Talk About Poker Grudge Match (Las Vegas Sun – Nov 12, 2020)


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