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Veronica Brill Posts GoFundMe for Legal Bills; Meets Goal in Less Than 24 hours

There’s quite a lot of divisiveness these days, but the poker community has seemed to be in complete agreement about one thing: Mike Postle. The alleged cheater recently filed a lawsuit against several people and companies including Brill, ESPN, Daniel Negreanu, Run it Once, Haralobos Voulgaris, Up Swing Poker, Poker News, Crush Live Poker, Johnathan Little, and Todd Witteles.

The lawsuit claims $330 million in damages, defamation, libel, emotional distress, among other charges.

News of the lawsuit first broke when Todd Witteles tweeted out the following:

The poker community naturally spent some time debating the merits of the case, but Postle seems intent on going through with it. In response, Brill (the original whistle-blower) released a GoFundMe with the goal to raise $20,000 for her legal defense.

And the poker community stepped up – raising the $20,000 in less than a day. Brill was overwhelmed with gratitude and updated the GoFundMe saying, “This has blown up more than I thought. Thank you all so much for your generosity and kindness. This money will be going into a trust /separate account. Mike Postle got caught cheating in poker and is now suing me for being the whistleblower.
He is also suing ESPN, Daniel Negreanu, Run it Once, Haralobos Voulgaris, Up Swing Poker, Poker News, Crush Live Poker, Johnathan Little, and Todd Witteles. I need to raise money for my own defense as we all need to file Anti-Slapp separately and that costs $20,000. If i raise in enough i will consider accepting the suit and moving forward with discovery. In the case that I move forward with the suit and win, and get Mike to pay for my legal bills, I will give all reimbursed legal fees to KL Cleeton (see below). Any money raised and not used for legal expenses, I will be giving to KL Cleeton towards the van that we have been trying to get for him.”

It’s admirable how much the poker community has come together over this cause. And while many thought the court dismissal earlier would be the end of this saga, apparently a new chapter is being written. We’ll keep bringing you all the updates, twists, and turns of this story as it develops.


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