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Poker Training Video: Gazellig’s $2 Rebuy Double Rush MTT: EP 2 – Pocket Pairs And Premium Hands

This video was originally part of a classic premium training course that is being made available for free by PartTimePoker.

In Part 2 of this double rush rebuy review, Gazellig focuses his attentions on pocket pairs, premium hands and broadways as a starting point for pre-flop raising (mixing in some suited connectors and gappers along the way).

He uses Equilab to go through why a check-raise bluff he made was pretty bad but used the example to show why the move would have been great if his opponent’s 3b range was much wider.

He also talks about the additional equity you have when you pick up a draw and how you can use this to great effect together with fold equity – meaning your bluffs have to work even less of the time. He discusses why he moves away from his general rule of avoiding marginal all-in calls while still in the rebuy period.

Missed an episode? Watch the beginning of the series.

Note: Video is best viewed in “Theater” mode if viewing from YouTube.

In the next episode, watch Gazellig discusses AQ and AJ

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