Splash The Pot RIO Poker

Splash The Pot Preview Gets High Praise from Online Poker Fans

Splash The Pot by Run It Once Poker has piqued the interest of longtime players and fans ahead of the site’s anticipated Rest of World market launch.

Veteran poker player Phil Galfond has lifted the veil on an upcoming feature for his RIO Poker site that has sparked widespread conversation and encouraging feedback across multiple platforms this week.

FEATURE: RIO Poker Update #7: Rake and Rewards (Phil Galfond – Jan 31, 2019)

Galfond explains in great detail how “Splash The Pot” will work in his latest blog entry and provides a full video representation of what players can expect form the feature once the site officially launches for real money play in the Rest of World market (BETA LAUNCH: FEB 6, 2019).

Poker World Feedback on Splash The Pot by RIO Poker

Several big name players, fans and media representatives have come out publicly with words of encouragement for RIO Poker’s communicative outreach and innovative approach to rewarding its customers.

Editorial “Hot Takes” on RIO Poker

* The following “hot takes” belong solely to the author unless otherwise specified.

Q: When will RIO Poker launch, and in what markets?

A: Phil Galfond informed readers that RIO Poker will launch on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 under BETA status. Galfond has also clarified which countries will be “excluded” from real money online poker play once Run It Once Poker is officially open for business.

Q: What impact will RIO Poker have on the licensed internet poker industry?

A: It’s impossible to gauge without first seeing how RIO Poker, Splash The Pot, and the site’s marketing are received in the weeks/months after launching. Galfond’s attention to detail and outward transparency are being openly acknowledged in the hours following his most recent announcement. If Run It Once receives similar high marks upon going live, Galfond’s knowledgeable and inviting demeanor could spark a major shift in how the poker industry interacts with its customers.

Phil Galfond Splash The Pot
SOURCE: Poker SubReddit (Jan 31, 2019)

Q: What does Phil Galfond bring to the table that other poker sites haven’t been able to achieve?

A: Again, everything will depend on how RIO Poker is evaluated by customers post-launch. But IF the site is able to reasonably manage the unavoidable, breakneck demands of tweaks, bug fixes, urgent/new customer queries, deposit/withdrawal requests, etc. — streaming community engagement efforts might spark a groundswell of initial support that could immediately establish the RIO Poker brand as a legitimate marketing force among licensed internet poker operators.

Q: Do you think RIO Poker will be as big as PokerStars?

A: No. Casual and for-profit poker players alike should NOT expect Run It Once Poker to be the second coming of the world’s largest poker site — which possesses superior resources, including thousands of skilled employees along with a massive marketing budget, plus a long-established global presence as an online poker operator.

Q: Can a “poker pro” truly operate a successful real money poker site in today’s environment?

A: That remains to be seen. Phil Galfond publicly acknowledged in July 2018 that playing poker was interfering with the time he could spend on the project (SOURCE: TwoPlusTwo NVG Poker Forum). Galfond talked about this in-depth on Joey Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast last summer as well. Galfond’s penchant for catching the “poker bug” may be further tested this summer when the (50th Annual) WSOP kicks off in Las Vegas.

Q: RIO Poker won’t operate in the United States. Why not?

A: Regulated statewide U.S. online poker is embroiled in a high stakes, corporate legal mess that curdled for years until recently boiling over with a (hotly debated) reinterpretation of federal law that brings into question the viability of licensed online poker in the United States. Our readers can view a detailed, news-plus-commentary article on the topic below. But basically, some people familiar with the U.S. iGaming industry believe there’s nothing to worry about while others believe U.S. online poker could suffer critical damage if the federal government’s legal opinion goes unchallenged.

Poker Lobbyist Says U.S. Online Poker Industry is in Danger (Part Time Poker – Jan 30, 2019)

Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods will be available for RIO Poker players?

A: This is unknown. The information will be published when Run In Once Poker officially launches.

Where to Find More RIO Poker Info (that’s not a “hot take”)?

Pokerfuse has prepared a thorough “Frequently Asked Questions” page with original quotes and insights published by individuals who have participated in RIO Poker’s beta tests, and who actively liaison with the forum community on TwoPlusTwo.

Run It Once Poker: Everything You Need to Know (Pokerfuse – Jan 28, 2019)


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