Sit N Go Grinders Review

Sit N Go GrindersAs the market for training sites expands, it should come as no surprise that more and more specialist sites are popping up, with instruction increasingly focused on narrower and narrower format ranges. One newer entry into the niche category is Sit N Go Grinders (SNGG), a site that trains its instructional resources on – you guessed it – Sit and Go Tournaments.


Cost: 3M/$45 to 1Y/$120 (discounts for SitNGo Wizard option and rakeback)
New Videos: 4-5 a week
Hand Replayer: No
Core Focus: SNG
Notable Pros: azntracker, darinvg, fultip777
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Both available
Archive Size: ~100 videos

Overall Ranking
SNGG an overall score of 86/100 from the PTP Staff.

Sit and Go Coverage
SNGG is exclusively for SNG’s, so their coverage here is strong. Here’s an approximation of their specific SNG coverage:

20%: 18/45/180 mans
15%: HU.
45%: 9/10 mans
20%: 6 max

MTT Coverage
No traditional MTT coverage; decent coverage of SNG MTTs.

Cash coverage

Non-holdem game coverage

Relative to other sites, SNGG is very affordable with great discounts on SitNGo Wizard and integrated rakeback promotions. You’re also getting a good value for the money, as the site includes some of the top sng grinders at the $100+ buy in levels. Not only are the instructors in possession of solid track records, they are also very good at explaining the basic to complex strategies.

It’s very easy to navigate through the site and filter video content, although it would be nice to be able to see a clearer overview of all the available content.

The videos are generally of good quality, with various screen-size formats. Each video allows for for streaming of download and can be transferred to your iPod.

12 month subscribers get a personal HH review from a SNGG instructor.

SNGG suffers from the same issues that most nascent sites face: limited archives and narrow focus. For example, the main focus for 9 man SNGs is on buy ins $100+ – there’s very limited selection on buy ins below $100.

It should be noted that the recent trend of their video output seems to be toward more low-stakes videos, so this deficiency may be corrected sooner than later.

SNGG only covers No Limit SNGs.

SNGG seems to lack some of the value-added features that PokerXFactor and larger sites offer (subscriber freerolls, HH replayer, Sheet’s tools, etc).

SNGG has a lot of potential for growth. Once the video archives expand this will be a must for anyone starting out playing sngs. As it stands now, it’s still a very solid value for STT players who are looking to move up a few buy in levels or curious players looking to dip their toes in the mid-buy in SNG waters.

Visit SNGG.

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