Shaun Deeb WSOP POY Race

Shaun Deeb Relays Thoughts on WSOP Player of the Year

Four-time WSOP bracelet winner Shaun Deeb talked with PokerNews Podcast host Sarah Herring recently to follow up on the WSOP’s Player of the Year formula discussion.

On November 20th, veteran live and online poker player Shaun Deeb appeared on the PokerNews Podcast to relay his thoughts on the WSOP Player of the Year points competition, and his ongoing competitive battle with poker rival Daniel Negreanu.

The podcast was presented in real time via YouTube live stream and featured a dialogue with longtime PokerNews correspondent Sarah Herring.

The one-hour dialogue continues a trend in the poker world in which high profile players are being urged by a number of their colleagues, fans, (and by some in the industry itself) to openly communicate their unique, informed views and to coordinate with the poker room interests they patronize to arrive at solutions for how established real money poker tournaments — along with “Player of the Year” formulas — should be structured going forward.

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Shaun Deeb WSOP POY Formula Discussion

Following are direct quotes from Shaun Deeb taken during a November 20th, 2019, PokerNews Podcast live stream hosted by Sarah Herring.

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Shaun Deeb: “You’re never going to make everyone happy, and I don’t mind the current formula. Yes, it’s more beneficial to me directly to win Player of the Year, but I also think like most sports — like the MVP in major athletic sports — the best players have the highest chance of winning it. And that’s what Player of the Year should be.

The best players are the ones putting in all the volume. They deserve to have the highest equity to win it. There isn’t a reason that every Joe Shmoe who plays The Big 50 could win that — and then win another bracelet in a $1k Stud event — and then cash a $1,500 . They shouldn’t win Player of the Year because they have won a 20,000… or 30,000-person field, won a 1,000-person field, and final-tabled another 1,000-person field .”

2019 WSOP Player of the Year (POY) Final Standings (World Series of Poker)

Shaun Deeb: “So the whole justification to make more people be POY eligible isn’t as relevant I think, because you don’t really want — you know, then it kind of gets worn out. It’s like, ‘Oh, this guy just had a one-off. You know, he won the biggest event. He won the Main Event and he cashed this tournament, so now he won Player of the Year.’ Well yeah, he won the most money at the World Series but he really didn’t have the best year overall. He wasn’t the best poker player. So limiting the Player of the Year to being some of the biggest name players and the highest-volume players is not a bad thing.

I think everyone kept their eyes on Rozvadov because it was me and Daniel — and ‘the battle.’ Rob was there, but that wasn’t the ‘headliner’ that brought it there. So I don’t mind the side of ‘it’s only a few people who have a high chance of winning and a few people have long-shots’ because then you’re going to get… if me and Daniel battle for Player of the Year for the next decade, it’s going to be a cool rivalry. It’s going to be like the Bird-Jordan thing, where everyone’s got their favorite. Their ‘so different players;’ their ‘so different style.’ Their ‘team dynamic’ is so different. That’s not a bad thing if it ends up being that. Obviously it’s more to my benefit for my notoriety but I’m also not monetizing that, and Daniel’s only doing it through vlogs.”

WSOP Player of the Year Discussion (Observations)

* All observations belong solely to the author.

As mentioned in the related coverage write-up that focused on Kid Poker‘s views concerning the WSOP POY points calculation formula, public outreach presented by participating players, casinos, and on-site media personnel is commendable — regardless of whether it originates from Shaun Deeb, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Seiver, David Baker, Norman Chad, or other players/poker brand representatives.

During other parts of the November 20th discussion, Shaun Deeb reaffirms his view that the World Series of Poker brand — along with its experienced executive staff, supportive sponsors, venues, and participating players will persevere through the 2019 POY calculation error issue, and will present a 50th Anniversary product that is more aligned with the overall expectations of real money peer-to-peer competitors, poker brands, media, and fans alike.


Shaun Deeb also mentioned the following individuals in a positive light when talking to Sarah Herring:

  • Leon Tsoukernik King’s Casino Owner
  • Jack Effel World Series of Poker Vice President
  • Ty Stewart World Series of Poker Executive Director

The open dialogue promoted by Deeb, Negreanu, and other high profile individuals who spend a considerable amount of their time playing in, hosting, broadcasting, or formally supervising WSOP bracelet events leads this author to conclude that the WSOP brand — along with its global player/fan base — possess adequate talent, resources, and networking ability to ensure next year’s 50th Anniversary WSOP upholds its decades-long reputation of being “great” for the poker industry, players, fans, and corresponding community. All this while acknowledging that the WSOP (parent company Caesars Entertainment) retains the final responsibility over all branded information, and that “you’re never going to make everyone happy.”

The 2020 World Series of Poker is expected to attract over 150,000 poker players to Las Vegas, all of whom will be participating in real money tournaments that offer a once in a lifetime experience.

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