Review of Official Poker Rankings .com

OPROPR complies results from thousands of online poker tournament results and generates rankings for individual players based on those results. OPR covers Full Tilt, Party, Stars, OnGame and Paradise. Coverage depth varies by room, check out the front page of OPR for complete details.

Well executed. The design is simple, information is easy to find, navigation is a breeze and while there are a couple of ads, they’re unobtrusive and don’t really interfere with the user experience in any way.

Content Quantity / Quality
Early attempts at tournament databases and rankings systems failed due to a lack of comprehensive coverage, but OPR appears to have bridged that gap. Tournaments are loaded into the system quickly after completion, and a quick spot check of my results (along with a few of my friends) suggests that OPR doesn’t miss much. The rankings system is a nice addition to the traditional tournament DB approach, but without a clear outline of the ranking methodology, it’s hard to tell how reliable ranks really are. That said, good players seems to consistently reside near the top of rankings, so whatever method they’re using can’t be too far off.

Unique Pros / Cons
Easy to search, plenty of ways to sort data, and results return will a better-than-expected speed. The site doesn’t have the massive backlog of tournaments that some other DB’s offer (coverage for most sites goes back to late 2006), but that’s a deficit that matters less and less with each passing week.

It’s a standard caveat with sites such as this that there are always a few holes in coverage, holes that might dramatically impact the individual rankings for a player.

Super bonus: OPR is free and no registration is required to search the site.

Bottom Line
If you’re a tournament player interested in sizing up the opponents at your table, or just curious about how you stack up to the rest of the online poker world, bookmark OPR today.

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