Rob Yong poker prop bet

Poker Room Owner’s Prop Bet Hopes Look Grim in High Stakes Feud

Dusk Till Dawn poker room owner and partypoker partner Rob Yong watched helplessly Wednesday as his High Stakes Feud prop bet lost $750,000 in value during Round #30 of the “grudge match” between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

Polk, who is considering leaving Las Vegas in 2021, “backed up the truck” on January 20th to the tune of a $300,000 session profit — moving the Upswing Poker co-founder’s overall match lead to just over $1 million with approximately 7,000 hands remaining.

This means that Rob Yong is now behind $750,000 in his “grudge match” prop bet, after beginning Wednesday relatively even.

Rob Yong “Grudge Match” Prop Bet Details

According to Rob Yong’s commentary on Joey Ingram’s Round #30 High Stakes Feud live cast:

– Rob bet on Daniel at +$700,000 for the duration of the match
– The prop bet winner will receive the overall difference starting from that figure, multiplied by 2.5
– So Daniel being down $1 million places Rob Yong at a disadvantage of $300,000 x 2.5 = $750,000

“The worst thing about this bet… I’m betting against ‘the pros.’ The online pros with all their data and all their analysis. I hate paying them.” -Rob Yong {VIDEO CUED 2:06:26-2:07:22}

Can Daniel Negreanu Still Make Rob’s Prop Bet Competitive?

Doug Polk’s $1,000,000 overall lead may be too much for six-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu to overcome with less than one-third of the match left to play.

But Negreanu only needs to end the High Stakes Feud at better than -$700,000 in order for a “nostalgic” Rob Yong to collect from the online pros he bet against.

On the other hand, Yong could theoretically be on the hook for millions if Doug Polk is able to extend gains leading up to the match’s conclusion.

High Stakes Feud Round #31 Begins Friday

Session #31 of the High Stakes Feud is scheduled for Friday, January 22nd, at 2:30PM Pacific Time.

Polk and Negreanu have averaged around 600 hands per session so far. At that pace, there would still be around one dozen sessions remaining in the grudge match — ending in mid-to-late February.

Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham Still Shuttered Due to COVID

The outlook for Yong’s Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham poker room appeared positive going into the 2020 calendar year.

However, current events have forced many live poker players to the virtual felts throughout the world, and could again disrupt the annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Land-based travel restrictions and social distancing mandates have likewise impacted the popular UK card room — with no immediate timeline towards re-opening.

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