PokerStars Mystery House

Here’s How To Get Extra PokerStars Bonuses During October Through “Mystery House” Promo

With Halloween quickly approaching, PokerStars is jumping at the spookiness with the Mystery House promotion that will be awarding $1 million in bonuses and prizes from now until November 1st.

One lucky player can even win a top prize of up to $15,000.

About the Mystery House

The Mystery House is a game board that is broken down in 28 squares with eight rooms.

To take a stroll through the Mystery House, players must first opt-in via the “Challenges Window,” located within the PokerStars client or app.

After enrolling, players will need to play on PokerStars to complete bars to be able to open PokerStars Chests — a standard offering through the PokerStars Rewards program. In addition to regular prizes, players will also get a dice roll — on a four sided die — which can be used to move on the Mystery House board that number of spaces.

If you land on a square with a door, you will get to collect a key and an instant prize. Once you have collected three keys, you will be able to receive a mystery prize, with the chance to earn up to $15,000.

Alternatively, instead of finding three keys, you can also qualify for a final mystery prize by making it to the end of the Mystery House (Box 28).

About the prizes

The value of the prize you earn when landing near a door will be based on the level of your Stars Rewards Chest, meaning that the higher level PokerStars players will have a greater chance of a larger bonus.

  • Blue: $0.75
  • Bronze: $1.25
  • Silver: $4.00
  • Gold: $15.00
  • Diamond: $30.00
  • Black: $80.00

If you receive three keys or complete the Mystery Board, you will receive an even greater prize. The vast majority of receipients (99% or 999 in 1000) will receive the lower prize rewards with 0.1% or 1 in 1000 of playres receiving a much larger prize:

  • Blue: $5 (or $100)
  • Bronze: $7.50 (or $250)
  • Silver: $15 (or $500)
  • Gold: $50 (or $2,000)
  • Diamond: $150 (or $5,000)
  • Black: $350 (or $15,000)

Prizes will include items such as free bets and free spins. Make sure to use your free bets relatively soon, as they will expire 7 days after being credited to your account.

In addition to using free bets within 7 days of being credited, make sure to open your chests! Any chests not opened within 7 days will be forfeited after the promotion period.

Don’t forget

The PokerStars Mystery House is available to all players that are a member of the Stars Rewards Program and have opted in to the Mystery House promotion.


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