Poker World Awaits Coronavirus Updates

Poker World Awaits Official Determinations on Travel and Large Gatherings

Poker players and fans around the world are reviewing the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus. Will official restrictions be placed on public travel, large gatherings, and major sporting events?

Many poker players and gambling industry representatives are awaiting official determinations on potential restrictions that — if implemented — could significantly impact the upcoming UFC 248 , the NCAA March Madness men’s college basketball tournament , and perhaps even the 2020 World Series of Poker .


Swiss Government Bans All Gatherings of 1,000+ People (Swiss Federal Council – Feb 28, 2020)
Japan Closes Schools Until April (BBC News – Feb 27, 2020)
France Bans All Gatherings of 5,000+ People (France TV-24 – Feb 29, 2020)

With word that multiple jurisdictions have moved to restrict travel and large gatherings in reaction to the Coronavirus, the poker world is contemplating how upcoming competitive events may be affected by potential government determinations.


Will the 2020 WSOP Be Cancelled/Postponed? (TwoPlusTwo NVG Forum)
What Economic Impact Will the Coronavirus Have on Live Poker? (Rob Yong Twitter – Feb 29, 2020)

Author-Generated Q&A — Poker World Awaits News RE: Coronavirus

Q: Should my local/regional/federal government “restrict” or “not restrict” travel, large gatherings, and/or take other precautionary/preventive measures in reaction to the Coronavirus?

That is a question for corresponding government authorities to address. We are awaiting official word and reacting to news as we receive it — just like everyone else.

Q: Someone told me “March Madness” basketball games might be played without fans in attendance. Is this true?

The National College Players Association (NCPA) is “calling on the NCAA to hold upcoming ‘March Madness’ tournament games without fans as a way to protect athletes from contracting and spreading the coronavirus,” according to an article published by Penn Live on February 29th.

With that said, an official determination (either way) is TBA as of Sunday evening Eastern Time.

Q: Has a major land-based athletic sporting event ever taken place inside an empty stadium/venue?

Yes. Professional soccer teams Inter Milan and Ludogorets competed inside an empty San Siro Stadium (Italy, Capacity: 75,000+) on February 27th.

VIDEO CONTENT SOURCE: Good Morning America YouTube Channel

Q: What about UFC 248 — set for this Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (Capacity: 20,000)?

An official determination (either way) is TBA as of Sunday evening Eastern Time.

Q: Is there a chance the 2020 WSOP might be cancelled? What do “poker people” think?

2020 WSOP -- Poker World Coronavirus Reaction

Former professional poker player and current PokerShares CEO Mike McDonald believes the 2020 WSOP “won’t happen.”

McDonald wants 12:1 odds, which represents an 8.33% possibility of full cancellation (opinions may vary).

Q: Why even publish this article if it doesn’t contain any meaningful analysis/solutions?

To emphasize the fact that we will know more when you know more.

Internet users are advised to visit official webpages of corresponding land-based jurisdictions, and to follow official accounts on social media platforms including YouTube and Twitter.

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