Poker Union Organizers -- Ben Rolle, Patrick Leonard

Poker Union Organizers Express Disappointment, Confusion over “GG Poker Situation” Resolution

Poker union organizers “bencb” and Patrick Leonard recently defended a number of players who went public in a dispute with GG Poker. But the quick resolution has left Patrick Leonard with a bitter, confusing taste. Meanwhile, “bencb” has abandoned players’ union Skype support groups altogether.

The “GG Poker Situation” (Introduction)

ON AUGUST 10TH, high stakes poker player Tobias Duthweiler created a thread on the popular TwoPlusTwo News, Views, and Gossip forum — informing poker enthusiasts that online site GG Poker had:

  • engaged in a financial “freeroll” versus Duthweiler for over a year,
  • confiscated $180,000 of Duthweiler’s funds (a disproportionate amount in the German pro’s opinion),
  • and made it necessary to raise public awareness that poker sites can take winning players’ funds at their own discretion — without clear cause.

ON AUGUST 14TH, the story was picked up by PokerNews writers Will Shillibier and Mo Nuwwarah, who informed readers (via a statement provided by GG Poker) that the online poker company had “shown our good will with a gesture to the player by returning the funds he has received from his friends. All of his winnings have been re-distributed to the affected players.

The GG Poker statement seemingly served as a public conclusion to not only Duthweiler’s issue, but also to several player account status disputes originating from an August 5th Twitter post by poker player Stuart Rutter.

ON AUGUST 16TH, the corresponding TwoPlusTwo NVG forum thread was locked.

DISCUSSION CLOSED: RESOLVED: Real Money Dispute “dudd1” vs. GG Poker (2+2 NVG – August 2020)

Poker Union Organizers Patrick Leonard and “bencb” Speak Out

Despite the goodwill gesture and apparent resolution, poker union organizers Patrick Leonard and Raise Your Edge high stakes poker instructor bencb have since shared their unique perspectives on how the “GG Poker Situation” unfolded.

And how its brief, awkward, megaphone-to-radio silence (d)evolution into short term EV decision-making might dissuade future organizers from offering their talents (along with rake from thousands of poker players) as a means of mediation for resolving player account issues. One way or another.

Raise Your Edge Podcast: Patrick Leonard and “bencb” (Timestamps)

Day 1 Views: 10,973 — Raise Your Edge YouTube Channel °° Sep 22, 2020 TIMESTAMP

(5:03) Patrick Leonard now doubts sincerity of poker players’ initial communication
(5:39) Patrick and “bencb” defended the players publicly on Twitter and TwoPlusTwo
(6:01) The quick resolution left a “bitter” or “confusing” taste with Patrick because of how it might have impacted poker union credibility
(7:04) Ben criticizes the “short-term thinking” of both players and sites
(7:25) Ben says these attitudes have prompted him to leave a number of player groups on Skype
(7:47) The since-closed 2+2 thread that lacked answers/updates from aggrieved players
(9:25) How should player organizers react to similar issues in the future?
(10:28) Ben wonders aloud why GG Poker didn’t uphold its original stance and Terms of Service
(10:57) Patrick explains that “things can change,” but that “reasonable” dialogue is required
(11:38-13:40) Patrick offers potential solutions to combat unwanted player behavior <—


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