Snail's Pace High Stakes Feud - Poker Tanking

Twenty-Three More High Stakes Feud Sessions?

It took Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk (roughly) 38 minutes to play 72 cash game hands Wednesday… two-tabling heads up No Limit Hold’em online poker at WSOP Nevada.

That works out to about 110 hands per hour, which would result in approximately 220 hands per two-hour session if Daniel Negreanu continues to employ tanking tactics (while retiring at the earliest possible convenience) in his High Stakes Feud grudge match against Doug Polk.

“We’re at 19,434 hands.” -Matt Berkey (45:14-45:30) {Session #33 Start: 19,362 hands}

At such a pace, it would take about two dozen more sessions to complete the competition at nearly a two-thirds reduction in hands per-session compared to the first 19,362 hands over 32 rounds.

As a result, this would move the prospective “finish line” from February to late March 2021 (assuming three sessions per week) while moving the “remaining sessions” count up from eight to twenty-three.

Grudge Match Drama Again Escalated to Arbitrator Phil Galfond

Doug Polk contacted High Stakes Feud arbitrator Phil Galfond at approximately 3:04pm Pacific Time on Wednesday to request clarification on whether Daniel Negreanu is allowed to deliberately “tank” or “stall” during many (if not all) of the remaining grudge match hands.

The moment was captured in real time as the Run It Once Poker executive joined Poker Life Podcast host and 2019 Global Poker Awards Journalist of The Year Joey Ingram for Round #33 coverage.

Phil Galfond acknowledges he is on the phone texting with Doug Polk during “grudge match.” (35:13)

Upon consulting privately with both Doug and Daniel, Phil Galfond advised Joey Ingram’s audience that a tentative ruling to continue the session would expire once Wednesday’s action ended.

Galfond followed up by informing “grudge match” fans that a more permanent determination may be required by Friday afternoon if Doug and Daniel are unable to reach an agreement on their own.

Galfond already rescued the High Stakes Feud once back in November when a disagreement over the use of preflop charts threatened to halt the match’s progress.

How many hands will be played during Session #34 of the High Stakes Feud scheduled for Friday?

And perhaps more importantly… what decision will Phil Galfond make if Daniel and Doug defer?

Stay informed on the latest news regarding the dispute by following these Twitter accounts:

@PhilGalfond, @RealKidPoker, @DougPolkVids, @Joeingram1

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