Steve O'Dwyer Poker Masters

Hit And Run: Steve O’Dwyer And Pauli Ayras Win Big At Poker Masters; Latest Tally Has Galfond Up Over $90k On Bill Perkins

Steve O’Dwyer and Pauli Ayras are Tuesday’s big winners from the Poker Masters online. Phil Galfond up over $90k on Bill Perkins through two sessions.Check out these stories and more in the Wednesday Hit and Run.

Latest action from the Poker Masters

Steve O’Dwyer and Pauli Ayras are the latest big winners at the Poker Masters Online on partypoker on Tuesday.

Pauli Ayras started things off by winning $548,625 after he took down the $10,300 No Limit Hold’em 8 Max (Event #19) to win the second-largest prize of the Poker Masters online so far. Steve O’Dwyer followed this up with a victory in the $10,300 No Limit Hold’em 6 Max (Event #20) to take home $269,013.

The Poker Masters continues through April 26th with the $51,000 Poker Masters Main Event getting underway with a $2 million guaranteed prize.

Quick hitters

Galfond Challenge Update: There was no new Galfond Challenge on Wednesday while Galfond and Perkins seem to be adopting a more relaxed structure for playing the challenge. The final numbers for the Tuesday session have been revealed, however. Galfond and Perkins played 625 hands with Galfond finishing the session up $91,705.91. Since Perkins had won the previous session by $1,561.86, Galfond finds himself up $90,144.05. The pair will continue to play until either party is up either 500,000 or have played 50,000 hands.

– While some are hoping for a quick return to normal after COVID-19 starts trending downward, others are not so sure. The Hard Rock International CEO Jim Allen says it could be “at least a year” until casinos are operating at normal levels.

– With the 2020 NFL Draft starting tomorrow, Collin Hulbert examines the 2020 NFL Draft Props you want to take a look at. In his analysis, he includes his picks in a variety of categories: “sure things,” “weighted coins,” “best value” and “focus bets.”

– The Bet365 Casino is offering the exclusive “Mission Maker” promotion from April 20th to April 26th, allowing players the opportunity for a piece of 1,000 per day when playing select Vegas slot games in the casino.

– In Wednesday’s featured poker training video, we again highlight Reasons14’s SNG Strategy videos. This episode goes over a student’s session while playing a $6.50 full ring 9-man turbo SNG.

Best poker videos on the Internet

Brian Rast is the subject of the latest “A Hero’s Journey” episode, where he talks to Lee Davy about this journey in poker and how the quarantine is affecting him.

– Check out this teaser trailer of the WPT Online Series, which will run on partypoker from May 3rd to May 19th and will guarantee $30 million in prizes throughout the series.

– Check out this unfortunate player who lost as a 98.1% favorite at the final table of the Sunday Million:


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