Pitbull Poker Closed Down

UPDATE 10/25: News on legal developments and general updates here.
UPDATE 10/13: Pitbull has now officially closed its doors with a brief statement on their homepage instructing people who wish to cash out to email support; as of this update no known cashout attempts have proven successful.

An informal attempt to collect impacted players into a group to take legal action is currently gaining some steam, more details about that over at PND here.

UPDATE 10/3: There’s still no independent confirmation of arrests of anyone connected to Pitbull; all reports of arrests appear to be simply reciting some form of Dave Brenes’ post on 2+2.

After a super-user scandal that drug out over several weeks, it appears small independent poker room Pitbull Poker has finally closed their doors.

While there’s been no official confirmation from the company, users are currently unable to log in and game servers are apparently inactive.

A poster claiming to be Pitbull CS rep Dave Brenes on 2+2 (now confirmed as the actual Dave Brenes) offered a rather dramatic account of the shuttering of Pitbull, but there’s been no confirmation of his story by 2+2 or local media. Excerpt from his post:

I’m Dave Brenes… I am only returning for one last post… several weeks ago Kevin Baronowski took away the login to 2+2 from me and since then I stopped following up on the threads as per his request. Tonight one of the people at Pitbull called me in at 3am… Kevin and Jordan were trying to take out the computers and leave without saying anything!!!

I’m effectively not working for Pitbull obviously, but I just wanted to tell you that Pitbull is over… we will make sure things come out clear. I was led to believe many things from the inside and seems it kicked me back in the butt. From where I see it now, Kevin is capable of anything, and I doubt he will pay players or employees by now.

Kevin and Jordan were taken by the local police thanks to the quick reaction of fellow co-workers who were suspecting foul play and arrived at the office after hours to find them taking out computers and equipment from the offices. I must say my computer was taken before they could arrive so it is lost pretty much.

Link to the 2+2 thread.

Cliff’s notes on the superuser scandal at Pitbull here. Super-summary: Player gets suspicious, asks for HHs, gets resistance from room, cashouts get delayed, players move away, resolution never reached.


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