Phil Ivey Returns to Poker

Phil Ivey Is Back And He Has Something To Prove

Phil Ivey has largely been out of the poker scene over the last few years, while focused on other ventures and an infamous edge-sorting scandal, which has not only taken his time but has also dinged his near-flawless reputation in the minds of his poker fans.

Recently, Phil Ivey interview clips for Poker King have been teased on their YouTube over the last few weeks. In a new excerpt released on Thursday, Ivey reveals some interesting tidbits, with some surprises about his interest in poker in recent years, which may not be all that surprising to some long term players:

“There was a moment where I was really not enjoying playing,” Phil Ivey said, before backtracking a bit. “Well, that’s not true. I always enjoyed playing. I just didn’t have the same passion that I did when I was younger.”

The comments came in the latest interview with friend and fellow poker legend Barry Greenstein, where Ivey focuses on “playing versus grinding.” He discusses his early days in poker, his vulnerabilities, life outside of poker, his return to poker and how he feels about Barry Greenstein.

“That passion for playing has been coming back because I am more appreciative and grateful when I am playing…The fire is back. I’m a reborn poker player.” Watch the clip in its entirety below:

0:10 – Playing vs grinding
0:42 – Tips for microstakes grinders
1:20 – Phil Ivey’s life outside of poker, including business, spending time with family and…music?
2:44 – Losing passion and being a “reborn poker player”
3:35 – Barry Greenstein’s thoughts on Phil Ivey as a person
4:40 – Phil Ivey shares his thoughts of what he thinks of Barry Greenstein

Much to the approval of Phil Ivey fans, Poker King has plans for even more exclusive Phil Ivey content that will be “coming soon.”

A return to High Stakes Poker

One of his next moves in poker will be a high profile one. Phil Ivey is slated to be among the legendary pros that will be participating in the relaunched High Stakes Poker, which comes to your computer screens on Poker Go on December 16th. It will be the first new High Stakes Poker episodes in nearly a decade, which came about after High Stakes Poker was acquired by Poker Central earlier this year, the parent company of Poker Go.

Earlier this month, his participation was confirmed after a behind-the-scenes video was posted from Tom Dwan, who is making his own triumphant return to poker. In the clip posted by Dwan, Ivey was among the players seated at the table, which also included Phil Helmuth, Jason Koon and Brandon Adams.

With this new interview and an imminent appearance on High Stakes Poker, it looks like the appetite for more Phil Ivey will begin to be satisfied.


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