Phil Ivey Barry Greenstein Interview

Phil Ivey Speaks To Barry Greenstein About How He Stays Mentally Fit

With live poker largely on hold and Phil Ivey not giving many interviews these days, it’s sort of a rare sight to see Ivey in 2020. That’s why it was a treat for Phil Ivey fans to see a new clip where the 10-time bracelet champion sat down with long-time friend and fellow poker player Barry Greenstein.

The interview is especially refreshing given that the sometimes awkward Phil Ivey seems to be in relaxed form discussing poker and health with his friend. Check out the clip released on Wednesday:

The pair cover mental fitness and how his outlook on health has changed over the years. In the interview, he says some surprising things, including how even though he was widely successful in poker, he didn’t necessarily feel successful. He also gets into it a little bit with Greenstein about staying sharp as you get older.

0.11 – The last time the Ivey and Greenstein saw each other.
1:03 – Ivey talks about whether he has spent enough time on his mental health.
1:52 – Ivey’s shift from making money to mental wellbeing.
2:45 – Live poker versus online poker.
3:26 – The differences between poker in Asia and elsewhere.
4:14 – Phil Ivey talks about Poker King, a new poker room that he is involved with.
5:15 – Online poker is safer than live poker?
6:11 – What keeps Phil Ivey motivated.
6:52 – Staying sharp as you get older.

Looking for more Ivey? The video is only eight and a half minutes long, but uploader Poker King teased that more clips are still to come from the interview.

Also, you can check out the story that Barry Greenstein shared with the Joey Ingram Poker Life Podcast last year, detailing how he and Ivey, while at the World Poker Tour Paris event, were robbed at gunpoint.


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