High Stakes Duel Phil Helllmuth and Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan Will Play Phil Hellmuth Heads-Up On August 25th

Phil Hellmuth’s latest opponent for the High Stakes Duel has been announced and it’s a big one. Tom Dwan will go head to head with Hellmuth later this month as the latest poker player to attempt to stop Hellmuth’s momentum.

Since the previous challenger Nick Wright bowed out after just one round, Hellmuth vs Dwan is being billed as High Stakes Duel III, Round 3 (I was against Antonio Esfandiari, II was against Daniel Negreanu and III, Round 1 was against Wright).

With this match perhaps being one of the most highly anticipated yet, let’s take a look at what poker fans can expect from this battle of poker titans.

When is Hellmuth vs Dwan?

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan will face off on August 25th at 8 PM ET.

Where will the match take place?

Dwan and Hellmuth will play face to face at the PokerGo Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Have Hellmuth and Dwan ever played heads-up against each other?

The pair most famously played against each other in 2008 during the NBC National Heads-up Championship. Dwan won that match and tried to get Hellmuth to play a rematch, which did not happen until the High Stakes Duel match.

What game is being played?

Heads-up No Limit Hold’em with the event functioning as a Sit N Go. During Round 2, Hellmuth and Dwan will each buy-in for $100,000 with the winner receiving $200,000.

What happens after one player wins?

In order for a player to be declared a winner, they must win three straight matches before Round 6 or twice in a row after Round 5. Even if Tom Dwan loses to Hellmuth, Dwan will have the option for a rematch, which is expected.

In the High Stakes Duel format, stakes will double each round, meaning that Dwan and Hellmuth would each have to put up $200,000.

What does Hellmuth have to say about playing heads-up?

Phil Hellmuth indicated to PokerGo that he ready for the next Round of the match regardless of who he plays.

“They told me after I beat Antonio that it was going to be Ivey, and I said OK. They said it was going to be Dwan, and I said OK. You know, of all the people on the planet, Phil Ivey has held over me more, like when we’ve played tournaments together, I’ll have ace-king suited and he’ll have aces with seven left at the LAPC. Ivey has gotten away with a lot against me, and so had Antonio, and I relish playing people heads up who have beaten me a lot because at least I’m going to get to play them 600 hands and I’m going to get rid of that whatever you call it, you know, bit of unluckiness, right? Dwan or Ivey, whoever. Either one is fine.”

How can I watch Hellmuth vs Dwan?

As is the case for all High Stakes Duel matches, Phil Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan will be available exclusively on streaming service PokerGo, which is a haven of live poker and general poker content.

Poker fans watch the action through a subscription of $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Those with a subscription will also be able to view previous High Stakes Duel matches.

During previous matches, PokerGO has provided poker fans with a “Hype Show” preview on YouTube. In addition, if tradition holds, PokerGo will also give viewers a taste of what to expect with the first hour available through YouTube.


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