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Phil Hellmuth Greatness Explored

A recent “High Stakes Duel” open-cast hosted by PokerGO has Run It Once Poker executive Phil Galfond singing the praises of Phil Hellmuth’s “greatness” at the poker tables. Galfond’s take has now become a hot topic on #PokerTwitter as community figures weigh-in.

Earlier this week, RIO Poker executive Phil Galfond treated #PokerTwitter followers to a four-page monologue summarizing the “greatness” of 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth.

According to Galfond (whose own heads-up Pot Limit Omaha challenge match versus Chance Kornuth is currently on hold), a recent High Stakes Duel between the “Poker Brat” and fellow PokerGO collaborator Antonio Esfandiari enlightened Galfond’s opinion of Hellmuth’s true poker skills.

“What I will say, is that after watching those two matches, my perception of Phil Hellmuth’s play changed dramatically (for the better).” -Phil Galfond

Phil Hellmuth “Greatness” Explored (Poker Players React)

Galfond’s Twitter thread has provoked numerous reactions from high profile poker players, including:

Poker pro and Two Lives Podcast host Olivier Busquet

“Easily 1 of the silliest things I’ve ever read from someone I respect. Misses the point or is flat out wrong on almost every substantive issue and an actual formal apology to the most obnoxious disrespectful, self promoting ego maniac in the industry. It’s like Stockholm syndrome.”

“The way conducts himself on TV represents the poker community more broadly (of which I am a member) and is a toxic example for others to follow…”

Poker player, Run It Once supporter, and television/film actress Farah Galfond

“ has actually marketed himself as The Brat for decades… like a wrestling character. It makes for entertaining TV and only people with sticks up their asses should truly care about his antics and let these antics affect them personally…”

High stakes poker community member and GGPoker collaborator Fedor Holz

“ punted every 300k I’ve seen him play in… I think he’s a clear losing player in tougher lineups…”

Two-time WSOP Main Event champion Doyle Brunson (in response to Fedor Holz)

“I thought everybody knew that about Phil. He is the world’s best getting bad players on tilt and throwing their money at him. That’s why he has 15 bracelets…”

Former high stakes poker player, current Dallas Mavericks research director Haralabos Voulgaris

“I watched based on this tweet – curious which hands or reads specifically impressed you most. Maybe this tweet gave me unrealistic expectations but I came away thinking this was a fairly pedestrian heads up match.”

World Poker Tour Marketing Manager Matt Clark

“In 2020 we still have to debate whether or not a guy with 15 bracelets is ‘good.’ It’s unfortunate we can’t watch players who are actually great by modern standards and have Galfond sing their praises. Waste of influence and development of the game that we go back to this well…”

World Series of Poker announcer and ESPN sportscaster Lon McEachern

“Geez, even saying something nice to someone gets you trashed. Twitter is so f***ed up…”

Watch Phil Hellmuth vs. Antonio Esfandiari “High Stakes Duel”

Is Phil Galfond’s fresh take on Phil Hellmuth’s “greatness” justified?

Or do those who publicly disagree with Galfond’s latest poker musings offer valid points?

Watch the High Stakes Duel between Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari to judge for yourself!

High Stakes Duel Round 1 – PokerGO YouTube Channel – Jul 31, 2020

High Stakes Duel Round 2 – PokerGO YouTube Channel – Sep 23, 2020

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