Phil Galfond Challenge with Chance Kornuth

Phil Galfond’s Next Heads-Up Challenge Match With Chance Kornuth Is On

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from the Galfond Challenge. Ok, so it hasn’t been that long. After all, we’re not talking durrrr Challenge-like delays here, but after many weeks of Galfond Challenge action during the spring, things were pretty quiet this summer.

After a summer absence, the Galfond Challenge heads-up match with Chance Kornuth was slated to begin on September 16th. After an unknown delay, the pair will now square off for the first time on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Galfond is asking his followers how they think he will do during the first session:

What has Phil Galfond been up to?

After playing overseas on Run It Once Poker, Galfond came back to the United States for a much-needed break after weeks of playing the Galfond Challenge. He has been spending time on the Run It Once Poker room as many players focus on events such as the World Series of Poker Online, which ran this summer.

More recently, Galfond has been at the forefront of a new audit of Mike Postle hands from Stones Gambling Hall live streams. As part of the project, Galfond is accepting volunteers to help with the investigation including the transcribing of videos.

What are the details of the Kornuth challenge?

The Galfond Challenge with Kornuth will get underway on Wednesday, September 23rd with no specific schedule yet announced. The first session is set for 10:30 PT on Wednesday. If it is like previous Galfond Challenge matches, play will likely be a few hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. However, Kornuth’s Chip Leader Coaching website says that it will take place “over the course of several months,” suggesting that the schedule won’t be as rigorous as previous events.

This Challenge will be the longest yet with it occurring over 35,000 hands of €100/€200 Pot Limit Omaha. In addition to the winning player keeping the proceeds, a 4:1 side bet is also up for grabs where Galfond is putting €1 million at risk to Kornuth’s €250k.

Kornuth will be providing weekly insights of the Challenge, strategy adjustments and mental game advice through his coaching site.

How to watch the Galfond Challenge with Kornuth

There has not been an announcement for how the next Galfond Challenge will be broadcast. However, it’s likely that Galfond and Kornuth will want to take advantage of the publicity surrounding the challenge and satisfy fans’ desire to watch another highly-anticipated heads-up match.

Previous Galfond Challenges have been broadcast live on the Run It Once Poker Twitch channel. If you aren’t able to watch it live, sessions have been archived under the video tab of the Twitch channel.

For the September 23rd and 24th sessions, Galfond enlisted the help of Twitter followers to stream the action. On Wednesday, Poker fans will be able to watch the session from the O8Grinder stream.

According to PokerShares, the odds for this match are significantly in Galfond’s favor. Galfond is currently listed as 1.19 while Kornuth can be picked up for 5.00, implying a winning likelihood of over 80%.

What about the other Phil Galfond Challenges?

Phil Galfond Challenge Heads-Up Matches
MatchDates heldStakes/termsSide bet (Galfond stake/Galfond potential win)Result
Galfond vs VenividiJanuary 22nd-April 12th, 202025k hands played at €100/€200 PLO€200k : €100kGalfond won €1,671.58 and €100k sidebet
Galfond vs Bill Perkins and the Thirst LoungeApril 14th 2020 - ongoing50k hands played at $100/$200 or $400k loss$1 million: $250kGalfond is ahead $90,144.05 through September 24, 2020
Galfond vs ActionFreakApril 27th-May 26th 202015k hands played at €150/€300 PLO€150k : €150kGalfond won $114,765.66 and €150k sidebet
Galfond vs Chance KornuthStarting September 23rd30k hands played at €100/€200 PLO€1m : €250kongoing
Galfond vs JunglemanTBA7.5k hands played at €100/€200 PLOTBAN/A
Galfond vs Brandon AdamsTBA40 hours$150k: $100kN/A

Galfond started his “Galfond Challenge” journey with a match against the mysterious online poker pro, Venividi, where the pair played 25,000 hands of €100/€200 Pot Limit Omaha.

Galfond suffered some major setbacks early in that challenge and at one point, it looked it he might back out before it was over. He was down over €900,000 at one point, and things were looking so bad observers were starting to feel bad for Galfond and saying that he was washed up.

But after taking a break to reassess the challenge and reevaluate his play, Galfond put together a legendary comeback where he finished with a narrow €1,671.58 win, which also clinched Galfond the €100,000 side bet.

The next challenge was against The Thirst Lounge’s Bill Perkins, with the match taking on a more relaxed and casual feel. It’s so casual, in fact, that Perkins and Galfond appear to play when they feel like it.

As a result, only 862 hands out of the 50,000 have been played (assuming there isn’t a $400k loss). Galfond put down a $1 million side bet to Perkins’ $250k. There is no word on when this Challenge will resume.

The next change was between ActionFreak and Galfond, completing in late May. Unlike the Venividi Challenge, Galfond was comfortably ahead most of the way, ultimately coming out ahead by €114,765.66 over 15,000 hands. For the victory, Galfond also won a €150k side bet.

After the Kornuth Challenge is complete, Galfond has agreed to at least two additional challenges with matches slated with Dan “Jungleman” Cates (no side bet amount has been yet determined) and with Bradon Adams ($150k to $100k). The Perkins and Galfond Challenge could also potentially sping up at any point.


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