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Patrick Leonard Warns Against Unlimited Online Poker Tournament Re-entries

Patrick Leonard has taken to social media to communicate his ideas for saving online poker tournaments from rampant unlimited re-entry formats.

The partypoker ambassador and bitB Staking administrator believes a “huge financial crash” related to the ongoing pandemic will “decimate” online poker players if sites are forced to expand unlimited re-entries due to increasing online MTT overlays.

On May 11th, bitB Staking poker backing service provider and partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard posted an in-depth Twitter thread outlining his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic could force poker sites to offer more “unlimited re-entry” tournament formats — a theoretical move the high stakes online poker player believes his colleagues should oppose.

Leonard opines that partypoker along with its competitors may soon adopt unlimited re-entry formats in online MTTs similar to what is currently the norm at GGPoker, with late registrants provided approximately 10 “Big Blinds” in chips upon re-entering or registering during the final hours of eligibility.

According to the longtime poker backer, players who frequent popular online poker sites should unionize while adapting to the possibility that online poker will soon be “dying” rather than “thriving” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic…

… and that he would “not remain ambassador” at partypoker if the site decided to forego the “quality” freezeout or single re-entry events that have been consistently promoted and implemented by partypoker’s key decision maker Rob Yong.

Rob Yong Agrees with Patrick Leonard on Unlimited Re-entries

Rob Yong Sheldon Adelson Meeting Request

Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham cardroom proprietor Rob Yong subsequently responded to Leonard’s thread on social media, implying that partypoker would be more than happy to sign-off on:

  • restricting partypoker MTTs to a single re-entry,
  • implementing a late registration starting stack of no less than 20 Big Blinds,
  • and eliminating rake fees for all MTT re-entries.

Players and Fans React to Patrick Leonard Thread

Multiple players and fans have responded to the Twitter thread in the past 48 hours.

2017 WSOP Main Event champion Scott Blumstein:

Veteran online poker tournament player and popular Twitch streamer Bryan Paris:

2016 WSOP Main Event final table participant Kenny Hallaert:

Upswing Poker co-owner Ryan Fee:

The topic is also being debated separately on the TwoPlusTwo News, Views, and Gossip board.

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