Parx Mini Casino - Public Input Hearing

Parx Mini Casino Public Input Hearing (Pennsylvania)

Detailed summary of Parx mini casino public input hearing — held on Monday, March 25th (2019) in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

The aim of this article is to provide an informative, journalized record of the March 25th public input hearing concerning a planned Category 4 Parx mini casino in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Timestamps are posted for those interested in following along with public feedback on the topic of satellite casinos within the Keystone State, which were authorized as part of Pennsylvania Act 42 of 2017.

Parx Mini Casino Public Input Hearing (Recap)

WEEK 1 VIEWS: 246 — START TIME: March 25th, 2019 @ 4:03pm ET

(0:00) <— Intro, Parx Mini Casino public hearing (Call to Order)
(1:22) Pennsylvania Category 4 Casino overview
(3:40) Greenwood Gaming (d.b.a. Parx Casino) swearing-in
(4:57) Statement from Greenwood Gaming Chairman, Robert W. Green
(8:58) Presentation – Greenwood Gaming CEO – Anthony D. Ricci

  • View full Parx mini casino presentation HERE

(16:10) Video testimonial in favor of Parx mini casino (inaudible )
(19:51) Written testimonials in favor of Parx mini casino
(20:50) Details for planned CAT 4 facility site in Shippensburg, PA

  • 40 electronic (banking) tables eventually planned, no poker (non-banking) tables
  • Category 4 facility will be 65,000 square feet, with approximately 500 parking spaces
  • 475 slot machines, 40 electronic (banking) tables, a sports book, but no poker (non-banking) tables
  • Creation of roughly 320 full-time jobs, most of which will come from surrounding local area

(29:23) Question from PGCB Commissioner Kathy Manderino

  • Underage gambling concerns and security measures for denying access to those under 21

(30:46) “Overflow room” designation for live attendees of public input hearing
(31:29) Parx mini casino presentation formally entered into the record


(34:15) Steven Brenize Vice Chair Shippensburg Borough Authority

  • Water, sewage, and law enforcement needs for planned facility

(38:03) Bruce Hockersmith Shippensburg Borough

  • “Let free enterprise reign. Thank you very much.”

(40:15) Steve Oldt Shippensburg Township

  • Industrial zoning observations, being “impressed” with Parx Casino personnel

(43:04) Chief Meredith A Dominick Shippensburg Police Dept.

  • Shippensburg Borough police needs, recognizing resource “burden” that Parx mini casino will bring

(46:12) Kathy Coy Boro Shippensburg Mayor

  • Small business concerns, refurbishment needs for downtown and other areas in Shippensburg

(50:40) Linda Asper Shippensburg Township

  • “Very much” in favor of planned Parx mini casino, hopeful of civic improvements resulting from facility

(53:06) Marc Rideout Shippensburg Township

  • “This opportunity should be seized, for the community.”

(54:45) Scott Mack Southampton Township Cumberland County

  • “Pros & Cons” that Parx mini casino will bring to bordering Southhampton Township


(1:00:20) J. Daniel Byers – Vigilant Hose Company – Fire Department

  • Concerns over decrease in volunteer Fire Department participation, fund raising requirements

(1:05:00) Janet Rose Shippensburg Civic Club

  • Negative impact of gambling and casinos, reference to Atlantic City boom-bust cycle
  • Concerns due to over-saturation of land-based casinos, and launch of regulated iGaming

(1:09:27) Ronald Madison Katie Place

  • Questions over casino gaming fund distribution. “We need your help.”

(1:11:40) Paul White West End Fire & Rescue Company No.3

  • Statewide Fire & EMS services crisis and how new facility will impact local services

(1:16:11) Laura Masgalas Shippensburg Human Services Council

  • SCRC social services plea for funding

(1:21:01) Heather Franzoni Shippensburg Area EMS

  • Shippensburg Area EMS plea for funding, anticipated resource strains as result of casino

(1:23:36) Barbara A Hutchinson Shippensburg Association of Christian Ministers

  • Message from local ministers and caregivers, request for annual funding stream

(1:28:22) Mike Ross Franklin County Area Development Corporation

  • Community planning observations, concerns, and benefits


(1:34:08) Theresa Myers

  • Strongly in support of Parx mini casino in Shippensburg

(1:36:12) Martin Bigler, Jr. (not in attendance)
(1:36:34) Mickey Nye

  • Potential pros & cons. Generally in support of new mini casino

(1:42:00) James Rogers

  • “We don’t want a casino in Shippensburg. Plain and simple.”

(1:43:43) John Dyson

  • Local Mennonite community has concerns over incoming Parx mini casino

(1:48:58) Tom Horvat

  • Heart-to-heart talk, problem gambling, dangers of imposing an urban social fabric upon smaller, rural communities

(1:54:00) Rachel McKinney

  • “By the way. We would like some money, too.” — “I think we can work together.”


  • 17-year old high school senior discusses why the proposed Parx mini casino is an overall negative
  • Calls “strategic” move by Greenwood Gaming to place casino in student environment “insulting”

(2:02:44) Sally Hershey

  • Negative impact on local/regional infrastructure. Strongly against planned mini casino
  • “They are just trying to make a buck.”

(2:07:57) Kirk Wilson

  • Report on self-directed research, lack of reliability concern with “studies” — urge for collaboration
  • “I’m looking for a job. Thank you very much.”

(2:11:35) Jody Corbett

  • Strongly opposes planned mini casino in Shippensburg

(2:17:02) Bill Keifer

  • Traffic concern (Kramer Rd.)

(2:18:27) Alan Goodheart

  • Strongly opposes planned mini casino — viewpoint presented as a farmer

(2:23:58) Debbie Murphy

  • Strongly opposes planned mini casino — asks whether mini casino is a “done deal”

(2:28:23) Paul

  • Strongly opposes planned mini casino

(2:29:08) Parx Mini Casino public input hearing concludes —>


FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: PA Gaming Control YouTube channel

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