doug polk daniel negreanu heads up match

The Top 8 Things We Learned From The Negreanu/Polk Heads-Up Match After The Latest Dust-Up

The last few days have brought the poker world more debate and silliness on preflop hand charts than it probably ever wanted to read. Fortunately, the dust-up seems to have settled over the issue as the Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk heads-up challenge is still set to be one of this year’s online poker’s biggest attractions.

On Monday, Negreanu reiterated the November 1st start time, much to the relief of poker fans who are anticipating one of the most compelling heads-up poker matches of all time. Besides some of the key points of the challenge, here are some things we have learned over on an eventful few days of Twitter fun.

1- Details on how to watch the match will be coming soon

PokerGo appears to be providing coverage for the match with former high stakes heads-up poker player Kane Kalas as the approved commentator. Negreanu has agreed to show his hole cards for a portion of the match; however, the majority of the match will not include hole cards. Further details on how poker fans can watch will come soon from PokerGo.

2 – Negreanu is sticking to his guns on charts

Daniel Negreanu shared a video on Monday defining the use of real-time assistance and asking if “More Charts Are Better?” You can watch that video below:

3 – Surprise – Polk still does not like Negreanu

If you believed that an apparent resolution on preflop charts had calmed Polk on his thoughts for Negreanu, think again:

4- Polk had a REALLY good session on Monday

Out of retirement to play the challenge, Polk has been spending a lot of his time preparing. On Monday, he tweeted that he won $100,000 in just 10 hours of play saying that “our powers are slowly returning.” Polk has been playing sessions on as well as Americas Cardroom.

5 – Daniel Negreanu will have 100% of himself in the match

Some are assuming that each player will have stackers or sponsorship proceeds in the heads-up match. Not sure, says Negreanu, saying that he will be playing “100% my own money.” Polk has not weighed in on the question, but Negreanu predicts that he will use backers.

6 – There is no chat on

Polk originally believed his chat had been banned, but actually, there is no chat on

7 – Negreanu and Norman Chad are arguing about, what else?, rebuys in World Series of Poker events

In the middle of the latest discussions about the Polk/Negreanu heads-up challenge, Negreanu and Norman Chad found time to have a debate about rebuying in World Series of Poker events.

8 – Polk and Solve for Why Poker Training Academy’s Matt Berkey also got into it

Negreanu wasn’t the only one getting involved in outside quarrels on Monday. It all started when Polk tweeted on Monday that his “schedule just opened up” after learning that Matt Berkey plays high stakes on Berkey was not impressed:

Only three more weeks of this

With the headlines the Polk/Negreanu match is generating, it’s hard to believe this match is still three weeks away. Yet here we are – the poker world’s equivalent of the 2020 election in the United States. Can we stand another twenty plus days of this? We don’t know, but we know you probably will be watching.

Be sure to stay tuned to PartTimePoker for further updates, and of course, the Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu Twitter feeds.


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