Day 9 Of Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk High Stakes Feud

Doug Polk Retakes Lead After $205k Win On Day 9; An Estimated 50 Sessions Remain

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk concluded a busy week in their heads-up High Stakes Feud match where they played four sessions and 2,062 hands over the stretch.

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Heading into the Day, Negreanu set out to win his third session in a row and the 5th in 6 sessions. Unfortunately for Negreanu, it wasn’t to be as he finished the day losing $205,521.74 and Negreanu choosing to leave the match after 2 hours, the minimum session. The win was enough for Polk to retake the overall lead by $26,371.78, which is the 4th lead change in the last 5 sessions.

On Friday, they knocked out 377 hands and have now played a total of 3,799 hands, just over 15% of the way through the match.

Watch Day 9 match with post-game comments from Negreanu AND Polk

Joey Ingram once again provided commentary with coverage of the full session, with plenty of cool new screen graphics, humor and analysis throughout the session:

In addition to the Joey Ingram stream, poker fans could dive into the Doug Polk-sponsored stream, available at the Doug Polk Poker YouTube channel and the Upswing Poker Twitch stream. Meanwhile, Negreanu fans could tune into the GG Poker YouTube channel.

The Solve for Why YouTube channel also jumped into the action with Friday’s session, with commentary from Matt Berkey and Christian Soto.

Per usual, Daniel Negreanu gave a post-match interview on the GG Poker YouTube channel with Polk also making a surprise appearance. You can check that out beginning at the 2 hour and 29-minute mark, which included thoughts on the sessions as well as an admission from Polk that he may have gone too far in his prior criticism of Negreanu.

“All the arguments we have had on the issues, I stand by what I said and I think I was right. But I did go a little too hard on him on some of the attacks.”

For his part in the match, Negreanu appeared to be happy with his performance despite the big loss. “I think I am going to get a good grade … This was a different session in terms of the way it played out.”

“Overall, I think I played well all things considered.”

How are the odds changing?

Daniel Negreanu’s tough session on Friday led to a further swing in the Negreanu/Polk odds. According to PokerShares, after the ninth session, Polk is currently a -625 favorite, an 86.2% probability of winning, which is notable given that Negreanu is coming off a stretch where he had won four out of the last five sessions and is down a very modest $26,371.78.

In short, the smart money is indicating that Polk has not shown much to discourage bettors and that things will ultimately turn decisively for Polk.


Up next

Poker fans were treated to arguably the best week of the challenge thus far. But there is still a lot of poker to be played with over 21,000 hands remaining in the challenge and 15% of the challenge completed.

At the current pace, they are averaging 422 hands per day, which would take about 59 sessions. With nine sessions played over 17 days so far, the challenge could easily take over 111 days to complete, meaning we have a long way to go.

The next session of the Daniel Negreanu/Doug Polk heads-up match is expected to set to begin at 5:30 PM ET on Monday. The pair will take off the weekend to recuperate and take a look back at what has happened during the first 9 sessions and make the necessary tweaks to their games.

Here are the main streams covering the Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk High Stakes Feud, with expected coverage from all sources for Monday’s session:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel
Solve for Why YouTube channel


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