Negreanu vs Polk Day 31

Not So Fast! Daniel Negreanu With Epic Comeback During Day 31

After Wednesday’s session, many observers of the Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk Heads-Up Challenge, including Daniel Negreanu himself, assumed it was essentially over as Doug Polk extended his lead to over $1 million.

Well. Not. So. Fast.

That sentiment quickly changed during Friday’s session with Daniel Negreanu staging an incredible comeback on the day, winning around $390,000 over 800 or so hands, which were played over the course of four and a half hours of play. With the big win, Negreanu not only cancels out Polk’s big win from Wednesday but gains another $100k or so, narrowing his total deficit to around $613k.

The victory on Day 31 represented the largest one day victory of any player during the challenge and comes after Daniel Negreanu had lost over $500k during the last four session sessions.

Although official numbers for Day 31 are not in yet, Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have now played a total of around 18,500 hands through the first 31 sessions with 6,500 or so hands remaining.

Watch Day 31

If you are a fan of Daniel Negreanu and missed the action on Friday, you might want to check out a replay of this match. Joey Ingram handled the solo coverage during the session.

Reaction from Negreanu and Polk

With the big session, emotions were high in post-game comments with Negreanu saying in his GG Poker interview that he felt good going into the session. “I wrote in my journal – $365k. I didn’t f**king throw it out there Babe Ruth style. We need some big s**t to happen.”

Noting his huge deficit coming into the day, Negreanu was at a crossroads. “You got two choices: lay down like a p***y, almost you lost, match is f**king over.”

“Or you can go balls to the ball and play like a complete jackass. Which is exactly how I felt I played today.”

Polk started off his post-game interviewing by agreeing with host Mike Brady that it was a “less fun session.”

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen to me in this challenge, but earlier on when I talked about variance in heads-up and what can happen in a session. I said it a bunch of times: it happens where people lose 10 buy-ins in a session. I feel because it has not happened this whole challenge, it started to not feel as likely. But man, it can totally happen in heads-up.”

Poker community reacts to crazy session

Poker fans and stake holders watching the epic match also had some strong reactions to Negreanu’s big comeback:

Next up

The end of the week means a break in the action over the weekend. The pair are expected to be back next week for their usual 3-session schedule with sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with expected start times of 5:30 PM ET each day.

When action resumes on Monday at 5:30 PM MET you can tune into one of the main YouTube channels which have been consistently providing coverage through the heads-up challenge:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt (Daniel Negreanu official stream)
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel

We have a game, folks!


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