High Stakes Feud Round 30

Is Negreanu’s “Disheartening” Day 30 Session The Effective End Of The Negreanu/Polk Challenge?

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk were back on Wednesday for Day 30 of their ongoing High Stakes Fued heads-up challenge match. Polk went into the day with significant momentum, winning the last three sessions and extending his lead on Negreanu to over $700k which opened some new wounds for Negreanu, as he once again bemoaned his luck over the challenge.

Unfortunately, Negreanu didn’t get the desperate win he needed to reverse Polk’s winning streak. Negreanu described last Friday’s session as a “bloodbath” even though the results didn’t seem consistent with that description. Wednesday’s session was an unquestionable bloodbath for Negreanu.

Over 700 hands and around 4 hours of play, Doug Polk finished the session on top by an estimated $298,000, the largest one-day winning total since the challenge began in early November. With the huge victory, Polk also moves into the largest lead of the challenge – a $1,001,822, one that most observers, including possibly Negreanu, see as an insurmountable deficit.

In a sign that Negreanu faces an extremely uphill battle, Polk is currently a -5000 favorite on PokerShares with the odds implying a 97.5% probability of a Polk win, the highest yet. With hands still left to be played — over 7,000 — there is always a chance but Negreanu needs a virtual miracle at this point.

Watch Day 30

For Wednesday’s session Joey Ingram was joined by Rob Yong from partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn fame to commentate on the session on Wednesday.

Reaction from Day 30

Despite the kick in the gut that Negreanu suffered during the session, he was composed after the match but acknowledged that the session makes it extremely difficult to catch up.

“So obviously it’s disheartening. We really needed a win today to sort of make a match of it.” Negreanu noted that Polk sent him a text after the session that it was the “luckiest session of the match and it wasn’t even close. He can say it I don’t have to.”

Polk, in his post-match interview, started off by stating the obvious. “Today was pretty, pretty good,” while reiterating the good luck that he did during the session.

“I understand how tongue in check this sounds, but I am still going to say it. I think this was our luckiest session of the challenge. But really though, we had so many big hands, all over the place. It was an all-you-can eat buffet of big hands.”

Up next

With two sessions in the books this week, Negreanu and Polk will meet for their next session on Friday. Poker fans can tune in to one of the YouTube channels below to follow the action live beginning at 5:30 PM ET.

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt (Daniel Negreanu official stream)
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel


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