Polk and Negreanu Day 28

Negreanu Has “Bloody” Friday Session Against Polk

After a big loss on Wednesday, Daniel Negreanu was hoping to rebound during his Day 28 session against Doug Polk in their High Stakes Feud match.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as Negreanu had what he referred to as a “bloody” session that involved many huge pots and big bluffs. The good news for Negreanu is that the result wasn’t as bad as the comment suggests, with basically an even session — finishing down $26,198.60 over 650 hands.

The session means Polk increases his lead slightly to $629,882.37 with 16,500 hands played of the challenge.

With 28 sessions in the books and 8,500 hands left to go in the 25,000 hand challenge, Negreanu has to average approximately $48k in wins each day. The amount is still doable, especially with an accomplished player like Negreanu and a swingy game that is $200/$400. But with each down day, that task becomes more difficult. After the Friday night session, Polk is currently around a 11:1 favorite — or 92% — to win the match, according to PokerShares.

Watch Day 28

Missed the day’s action? Joey Ingram was once again at the mic, giving you his unique brand of commentary and humor during the 3-hour session. Watch a full reply below, which includes Ingram listening in on a post-game interview from Negreanu:

Reaction after Day 28

In post-match comments on Twitter, Doug Polk was pleased with the small win, said that he benefited from some failed Negreanu bluffs. “Caught Daniel running some bluffs in some big spots. Also caught Daniel betting some boats in some big spots. Basically, this session was Daniel betting the river and me calling.”

Polk also sat down in a post-match interview with Mike Brady and special guest Mike “Timex” McDonald — who helped with commentating duties during the day — to discuss the match, which he described as a “swingy one,” and a “crazy session.”

The Friday session on GG Poker featured the regular Jeff Platt-Brent Hanks duo, who were also joined by Amanda Negreanu and Uncle Ron during various parts of the match. Hanks and Platt chatted with Negreanu after the match about the session and echoed his comments from Twitter.

“That one felt incredibly bloody and emotional.” Watch the interview — and the GG Poker coverage — in its entirety below:

Next session

Negreanu and Polk will return to action for the challenge again on Monday after a break over the weekend, for what will likely be another 3-session week. Poker fans can tune in to follow the action live beginning at 5:30 PM ET from any of the YouTube channels streaming the event:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt (Daniel Negreanu official stream)
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel


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