Negreanu Vs Polk Day 21

Doug Polk To Daniel Negreanu After Day 21 Session — “I’m Sorry”

Wednesday was the final Negreanu vs Polk heads-up session of the week as the pair returned for Day 21 of the High Stakes Feud match, which has been delighting fans since early November.

Down by nearly $1 million earlier this month, Negreanu has since clawed his way back during the last two sessions to enter Wednesday down by $696,327 to start the session.

Unfortunately for Negreanu, he couldn’t keep the momentum going on Wednesday, finishing the session down $114,140.26 with many of the biggest hands occurring during preflop all-ins. At five hours, it was also one of the longest sessions of the High Stakes Feud match so far.

The session was notable in that there was some serious deepstack poker being played for much of the later half of the tournament, where both players had over $100k stacks at both tables. Negreanu clawed his way back from the low of the session before finishing up just over six-figures down, and is now down $810,468.18 heading into the Christmas break.

During the session, Polk and Negreanu played 904 hands are now 12,222 hands through the session, 278 hands from the official mid-way point.

Watch Day 21 of Negreanu vs Polk

Check out how Day 21 unfolded in Joey Ingram’s stream of the entire session, where he breaks down the action while answering questions from viewers.


Per usual, both Negreanu joined Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks for the post-game interview to share his thoughts on Day 21.

Negreanu was understandably frustrated with the session, particularly early on. “It was definitely a battle today. Especially the last couple hours, we were playing deep,” before later saying “there was so much to digest from this one, it was the longest we played that deep on both tables.”

In a surprise appearance, Negreanu was then joined by Doug Polk mid-way through the interview after technical difficulties disrupted the Doug Polk YouTube stream post-game.

The pair discussed the session as well as the history of feud, with Polk reiterating recent statements. “I stand by the things I said and meant them, but I think there is kind of a line that is just unnecessary…to attack people on a personal level… “I’m sorry that we went so far on that.”

Polk also admitted he didn’t think the challenge would ever happen. “I issued the challenge because I thought there was no way he would say yes. But it was just a bluff. I was bluffing and then I got called. Oh my god, I’m going to have to play poker for four months.”

Negreanu followed “ as long as we don’t find out you were using these mother f**king preflop charts.”

Next up

The Negreanu vs Polk match will now take a break over Christmas before returning next week. The next session is planned for December 28th, once again at 5:30 PM ET. Although the holidays might disrupt streaming schedules for the session next week, here are the major streamers that are expected to cover Monday’s session:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt (Daniel Negreanu official stream)
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel
Solve for Why YouTube channel, featuring Matt Berkey and Christian Soto


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