Negreanu vs Polk Day 11

Three In A Row For Doug Polk As He Crushes Negreanu For $120k On Day 11

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk played their second session of the week in a pre-Thanksgiving heads-up match of their High Stakes Feud on Wednesday. The day marked Round 11 of their epic heads-up match.

Doug Polk came into the day winning two big sessions in a row and holding a six figure lead of $143,996.

During Day 11, it was all Doug Polk again, with the 31-year old winning $120,023.59 on the session. With the win, Polk booked his third straight session and is now up $264,019 after 11 sessions. The amount is just below the record $268,031 that Polk lead after Day 3. As a indication that the match is still anybody’s to win, that was also the day Negreanu won 4 out of the next 5 sessions.

Despite that Polk won six figures again, there were no huge fans on the day with the biggest pot around $50k.

All in all, the pair played 416 hands over two hours, with 5,067 hands played in the heads-up High Stakes Feud match thus far. For those keeping track at home, that’s around 20% of the way through

Watch how Round 11 unfolded

There are a half-dozen or so YouTube and Twitch channels that are streaming the event. Joey Ingram continues to be one of the more entertaining and popular with poker fans. He’s joined by Landon Tice to chime in commentary and banter back and forth with Ingram. Watch for the now-legendary truck animation:

Check out Wednesday’s session below in its entirety:

The GG Poker stream included a post-match interview with Daniel Negreanu, which can be seen at the 2:33:30 mark.

Negreanu opened up his comments with a blunt “What the fuck was that? I would say of the 2 hours of the entire match, that was easily the worst two hours I have run. The good news is we only lost three buy-ins.”

Doug Polk joined the Doug Polk Poker YouTube channel to share his thoughts as well:


The dominating session from Polk moved the Negreanu vs Polk betting market on PokerShares. In the hours after the match, PokerShares had Polk as a -1250 favorite, or a 92.6% chance to win the heads-up match.

After the match, Polk had some fun with how the lines were moving:

Despite his tough session, Negreanu was happy to “only” have lost 3 buy-ins.

What’s next?

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu probably wont be doing a ton of Black Friday shopping, as they will likely be preparing for their next session. They will then return to their match on Saturday at 5:30 PM ET, which was adjusted from the original planned session on Friday..

Coverage is again expected to be streamed through these channels:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady and Jeff Boski
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel with Landon Tice
Solve for Why YouTube channel, featuring Matt Berkey, Kevin Rabichow and Christian Soto


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