Negreanu and Polk Debate Charts and RTA for Heads-Up Match

The heads-up match that everyone has been waiting for is bringing the drama before even the first card is dealt! Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu have planned to begin their heads-up match on November 1st, but the two are still ironing out the details. And one debate apparently still remains.

Pre-flop charts. Both sides seem adamant about their use – Negreanu opposed and Doug in favor of. And the two have had a heated back-and-forth on Twitter with several pros chiming in.

Part of the debate started because Doug wants to stream the entire match with hole cards visible, while Daniel prefers not to. In return Doug also wants to be able to use a pre-flop chart, while Negreanu once again would prefer not to.

Naturally, calling them “cheat sheets” is a bit of a stretch. However, Daniel’s point is valid in that he does appear to be a huge underdog in this match, and Doug likely isn’t making as many concessions as he is.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a juicy Twitter battle without many poker players choosing sides and voicing their opinions:

Majority of the comments seemed to be on Negreanu’s side, but it appears neither are backing down from the match just yet.

Of course Phil Galfond decided to have some fun with it:


So far, what is agreed upon for the heads-up match is as follows:

-25,000 hand match. Two tables of $200-$400 NLH with auto top up to 100bb

-Losing player can quit after 12,500 hands

-If both parties agree, stakes can be raised in second half of the match. 

Once again, the match is currently slated to start November 1 on Will it actually happen? Only time will tell. But we’ll bring you all the details if it does.


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