Mike Postle lawyer

Mike Postle’s Lawyer Wants Out

The lawyer representing Mike Postle in the civil case versus Veronica Brill and 88 others has filed a motion to be released as Postle’s counsel.

The motion was filed to the Sacramento Superior Court on Tuesday started making the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday. A ruling will be made on the motion on January 14th.

Attorney Steven Lowe had been working with Postle in a $330 million defamation lawsuit against members of the poker community. Among those that Postle sued for defamation, slander and infliction of emotional distress included Daniel Negreanu, ESPN, Phil Galfond, Jonathan Little, Joey Ingram and Doug Polk.

The move comes as his lawyers say that Postle “has failed to comply with the written agreement between the firm and the client, and communication has otherwise ceased between client and attorney.”

In an interview with Poker Fraud Alert’s Todd Witteles, who is among those being sued by Postle, Witteles’ lawyer speculated that a common reason for a motion to be relieved of counsel is often due to lack of payment.

What’s the latest on the Postle case?

The Mike Postle cheating scandal gripped the poker world last year as many internet sleuths combed over hours and hours of footage from the Stones Live stream. The revelations ultimately led to 89 players suing Postle, Stones Live and Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis for $10 million each.

Civil charges filed against Mike Postle were dropped in June, while many plaintiffs accepted settlements from Stones Live and Justin Kuraitis. Veronica Brill was among those who did not accept a settlement. In a statement after the settlements, Postle did not back down from his claim of innocence.

“All I can really say right now is that I have my side of this entire fiasco to tell. It won’t just shock the poker and gambling industries, but the entire world.”

Postle followed up the decision in his favor with the $330 million defamation lawsuit.


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