Galfond Challenge, Poker Life Podcast (Feb 19, 2020)

Galfond Challenge Poker Life Podcast (Timestamps)

With Match #1 of the Galfond Challenge on hold, Run It Once Poker founder Phil Galfond has informed Joey Ingram that an early March 2020 comeback is still being considered.

Run It Once Poker CEO Phil Galfond joined Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram on Wednesday, February 19th, to discuss whether Match #1 of the 2020 Galfond Challenge will resume next month.

Regardless of whether Phil decides to “throw in the towel” versus VeniVidi or battle onward, the three-time WSOP bracelet winner has reassured fans that his remaining scheduled Challenge matches (against Bill Perkins, Daniel Cates, Luke Schwartz, Chance Kornuth, and ActionFreak) will happen.

Galfond Challenge – Poker Life Podcast (Timestamps)

Following are the timestamps for Phil Galfond’s February 19th appearance on the Poker Life Podcast.

Day 2 YouTube Ratings: 23,021 Views – 818 Likes, 23 Dislikes (joeingram1 YouTube Channel)

(0:00-2:10) Intro, Poker Life Podcast w/Phil Galfond (Galfond Challenge)
(2:10-2:21) Phil says “rough start” to Challenge, break has been “helpful and necessary”
(2:21-3:32) Joey gives a recap of the Galfond Challenge so far — Phil is down more than €900,000
(3:32-4:35) Phil Galfond’s reaction to Match #1 (currently on pause)
(4:35-5:04) Phil will be penalized approximately €3,000/day for six missed sessions in February
(5:04-6:36) Phil was very close to forfeiting Match #1 (and corresponding €200,000 side bet)
(6:36-9:48) Is two weeks enough time for Phil to study-up and crush VeniVidi?
(9:48-11:39) Luke Schwartz is warming-up for his own Challenge match versus Phil Galfond
(11:39-15:49) What (if anything) can Phil do to reverse his (alleged) skill-based disadvantage in Match #1?
(15:49-16:58) Thousands are interested in Galfond Challenge, but they expected a more competitive match
(16:58-19:23) Phil recounts his poker play and emotions so far in Match #1
(19:23-21:25) Following -€268,000 Day #13 session loss, “I was playing scared,” Phil admits
(21:25-24:34) Poker downswings and self-doubt, how they tie-in to skilled opponent VeniVidi
(24:34-25:32) Is it time for Joey and Phil to record a Rocky-inspired promo video?
(25:32-26:55) Galfond Challenge Match #2 against Bill Perkins is still confirmed
(26:55-27:54) Phil Galfond will benefit from playing such a highly-skilled PLO opponent
(27:54-29:34) Why didn’t Phil choose a (supposed) lesser-skilled opponent for Match #1?
(29:34-32:10) Should Phil have postponed the beginning of his challenge to study more?
(32:10-32:48) Shout-out to Peter Jennings, Tiger Woods, and co.
(32:48-33:50) Has RIO Poker cash game traffic picked up since the Galfond Challenge began?
(33:50-35:45) Current Run It Once Poker promotions page (February 2020)
(35:45-36:55) Phil Galfond versus the corporate, publicly-traded online poker world
(36:55-37:38) RIO Poker “Splash The Pot” and “Legends” rakeback programs
(37:38-38:50) Why liquidity and traffic are so important to RIO Poker at the moment
(38:50-40:00) Joey considers ways that fans can help promote/market the Galfond Challenge
(40:00-40:40) Run It Once Poker wager amounts need commas… asap
(40:40-41:16) Introducing the all-new Poker Life Podcast overlay, YouTube plaque, and lemon tree
(41:16-42:03) Phil reached out to Joey to talk about the #GalfondChallenge before it began
(42:03-45:50) Does Phil Galfond have any game integrity concerns in his match against VeniVidi?
(45:50-52:29) Luke Schwartz social media posts and upcoming Challenge match
(52:29-56:59) Farah Galfond‘s reaction to Match #1 of the Galfond Challenge
(56:59-58:53) Is Google the outright authority on Farah & Phil’s routine, relationship, and net worth?
(58:53-59:33) Phil addresses a viewer question
(59:33-1:03:00) Phil’s advice for dealing with a poker downswing
(1:03:00-1:04:38) Why having a “community” is important for poker players
(1:04:38-1:05:55) What will happen with the Galfond Challenge going forward?
(1:05:55-1:07:19) Joey has some planned content with VeniVidi once the inaugural match concludes
(1:07:19-1:07:54) Phil Galfond is very complimentary of VeniVidi
(1:07:54-1:10:36) Has Phil felt any added pressure due to broad interest in Challenge?
(1:10:36-1:11:15) Phil explains why he was excited about Challenge before Match #1 results
(1:11:15-1:12:15) Phil Galfond confirms he is using his own funds to cover “majority” of side bets
(1:12:15-1:13:20) “Look for my coming on the first light of early March at the latest…”
(1:13:20-1:15:22) When are tournament formats coming to Run It Once Poker?
(1:15:22-1:18:12) Brainstorming “Sit & Go” & “Multi-Table” tournaments for RIO Poker in future
(1:18:12-1:21:00) Live chat demands a “sick Aussie Matt story”
(1:21:00-1:23:33) Phil talks about Pot Limit Omaha VISION software for studying

(1:23:33-1:25:38) Summary of February 2020 promotions available at Run It Once Poker
(1:25:38-1:25:55) Is Joey allowed to laugh at his own jokes on his own channel?
(1:25:55-1:27:40) Poker Life Podcast outro, upcoming guest Brad Owen

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