Facial Recognition Technology 2020

BBC Report: Facial Recognition Technology Has Become “Toxic”

Timestamps review of a June 2020 BBC “Digital Planet” podcast episode related to facial recognition technology and its use within the online gambling industry.

In June 2020, BBC Digital Planet podcast hosts Gareth Mitchell and Ghislaine Boddington welcomed several experts to discuss growing concerns with facial recognition technology — outlining its potential use/misuse within a broad spectrum of industries including online gambling.

The timestamps below recap the 48-minute episode.

They were recently cross-posted to the TwoPlusTwo NVG forums.

Has Facial Recognition Technology Become Toxic? (Timestamps)

LISTEN NOW: BBC Digital Planet Podcast (Jun 16, 2020)

(4:10-5:09) Industry backlash against automated facial recognition technology
(5:09-6:49) Ways that Dr. Stephanie Hare believes facial recognition tech has become problematic
(6:49-7:38) Reference to US protests, proliferation of video surveillance
(7:38-8:30) IBM/Microsoft/Amazon have recently restricted FR tech use for U.S. law enforcement
(8:30-9:49) Tech can be applied perfectly in the abstract, but “real world” concerns remain
(10:06-10:42) Why relying on companies to self-regulate “won’t work”
(10:56-12:00) Analysis of “toxic” facial recognition and its future use in Behavioral Economics
(12:15-12:55) Are corps simply “virtual signaling” in decision to restrict FR use?
(15:30-16:40) Online poker is referenced, need to “regulate” iGambling advertising
(29:14-29:50) Biometric rights and privacy concerns as they relate to facial recognition tech
(31:05-32:40) Personal data ownership, India’s 12-digit AADHAAR ID system as an alternative
(33:05-34:08) SOLVED: China’s FR tech is unhindered by masks, sunglasses, scarves, outerwear, etc.
(43:03-44:56) Gaze technology, eye movement tracking tech for VR/simulation products
(45:09-47:08) Do eyes become tired due to “blinking less?” Are eye drops helpful?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Our readers who are interested in the Responsible Gaming segment of the June 2020 BBC SOUNDS podcast episode are invited to listen starting at the mark.

Facial Recognition Technology and Online Poker (Forum Feedback)

In January 2020, partypoker partner Rob Yong recommended that the online poker site make facial recognition verification a requirement for certain real money formats.

That communication immediately prompted a thread on the 2+2 public boards.

The thread can be accessed below, along with select pasted comments.

DISCUSS NOW: Is FR Tech Coming to Online Poker? (TwoPlusTwo NVG)

“Do you see this as a good idea or way too difficult to implement correctly and conveniently?” -TreadLightly

“I don’t want a gambling company that already has my name, address, utility bills, credit card info to also have my damn facial recognition data.” -any four cards

“Sites already have all your data and picture, this would be good for poker in general I think if the software was up to scratch like it is on iPhones for example.” -Duncan Ferguson

“…the idea that it would be challenging to have a human sit in front of a computer operating a bot is just dumb.” -Josem

“I feel like this is a positive step…” -Punt Pigeon

“…it’s a lot of overhead to accomplish very little.” -Manner Please

“Bring it on, I don’t care what it is, I’m gladly willing to put up a 360 camera in my office and have it always run while grinding. The key is to only hit winning players/pros…” -NINzent

Facial Recognition Technology and Online Poker (Commentary)

* All commentary belongs solely to the author unless otherwise specified.

Facial recognition technology could become an additional security feature for incoming regulated online poker sites in the Great Lakes State of Michigan. Lawmakers will soon decide whether to implement strict geolocation restrictions and blanket VPN bans once the state authorizes real money online poker games (anticipated launch in 2021).

Should facial recognition technology be used by poker sites to verify players?
How should its use be regulated so that it complies with data privacy guidelines?
Should facial ID requirements be selectively enforced at poker sites’ discretion?
Should online poker companies restrict the use of such technology to player-promoters due to social pressures?
And would the use of FR technology be attractive or unattractive to casual online poker players?

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