Doug Polk Dan Bilzerian Heads-Up Match

Could Dan Bilzerian Be Doug Polk’s Next Heads-Up Opponent?

It’s not exactly the New York Times as far as sources go, but according to a user on Reddit, Dan Bilzerian is apparently interested in a heads-up match with Doug Polk. To add credence to his claims, the user “NomNomNomNomNomm” posted a screenshot from a GG Poker chat, which apparently occurred while Blizerian was playing a nosebleed game at the online poker site.

On the screenshot, Bilzerian says he has a “possible $2 million to $20 million heads-up match,” meaning Bilzerian would apparently get 10:1 on his money odds as a side bet. He followed up the comment up by saying he has “gotta beat the dipshit Polk.” Bilzerian also said the proposed challenge would be 20k hands.

Bilzerian acknowledged he is not a great poker player, but that “I really like 10:1.” The side bet would apparently come from a third party. “That poor fuck does have 20 mil to his name.”

During Day 7 of Polk’s heads-up match with Negreanu in which he lost $222k, Bilzerian rubbed salt into Polk’s wounds with a sarcastic comment on his rough session.

Polk responded by challenging him directly to a heads-up match. Will it go anywhere?

Dan Bilzerian skills a bit of a mystery

Although most widely known as the “Instagram King,” Dan Bilzerian has often claimed to have accumulated his fortune playing high stakes poker. Many poker fans have expressed their skepticism about whether Bilzerian actually accumulated his wealth that way, theorizing that he got it from his rich dad. Still, Bilzerian has been tangentially involved in the poker world ever since he hit it big on social media.

Bilzerian apparently doesn’t play as much these days and definitely not at high-profile events, but he does occasionally dip his toes into the poker world. Recently, he has seen playing on GG Poker and is said to have played a recent nosebleed session with Bill Perkins. A couple of years back he also played some sessions on Americas Cardroom while on Bill Perkins’ boat, which was streamed live.

So why Doug Polk? He announced his retirement from poker in 2018, but has stayed somewhat engaged with the poker world while being involved in other endeavors, including through his poker training site Upswing Poker. He is also apparently willing to return to poker when the value and attention is worth it to him. Just last week he began his highly anticipated heads-up match with Daniel Negreanu. The pair have thus far played three sessions, with Doug Polk off to a strong start, despite struggling in his first match which was held face to face with Negreanu from the PokerGo studios.

Polk and Bilzerian also have a history. After the Americas Cardroom sessions, Doug Polk released a video on YouTube where he went over some of Bilzerian’s play during the match. You can watch it in its entirety below, but in short: he wasn’t impressed.

Dan Bilzerian was not happy with Polk’s assertion, expressing his comments on Twitter and calling Polk a “dumb shit.”

When would it happen?

As we said, Bilzerian revealing the match on an online poker site chat hardly means the match is set in stone, but this has got some in the poker world talking about the prospects of two more huge names going head to head. If it were to happen, when could poker fans expect this epic match to begin?

There is no indication how serious the prospect of a Dan Bilzerian and Doug Polk heads-up match at this point, however, poker fans are undoubtedly salivating at the thought. Even if it does come to fruition, it is likely many months away given that Doug Polk’s heads-up match with Daniel Negreanu is still in its infancy. That match is expected to go on through until at least the end of the year.

Let’s hope it happens.


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