Daniel Negreanu losing WSOP All-ins

This Compilation Of Daniel Negreanu Losing All-Ins During 2020 WSOP Is Brutal

You don’t need us to tell you that Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular and successful poker players in the history of the game, but with that accomplishment as a poker player comes plenty of lows. As poker fans gear up for the highly anticipated heads-up match with Doug Polk on November 1st, there is a calm before the storm until the match invades your screens next week.

Fortunately, there is still plenty of fodder to chew on while we wait for the epic challenge match, including following prop bets on the upcoming match.

After recently browsing the Reddit poker subreddit, we came across a compilation of bad beats, specifically Daniel Negreanu losing all-ins during the World Series of Poker last summer. The video, which was first posted in September, is now making the rounds. And for good reason — it’s a brutal look at some of the rougher moments of his 2020 WSOP, illustrating Negreanu’s bad luck during the summer, albeit with thorough editing.

In the clips, you also get to see Negreanu’s infamous “teeth feeding” moment, which he was widely criticized for this summer and got him temporarily banned from Twitch. In this context of this video, Negreanu is a sympathetic character and the comments almost seem understandable.

In a normal year, we wouldn’t even see these beats but because Negreanu streamed much of his play on WSOP.com and GG Poker this summer — go to Negreanu’s YouTube channel for happier moments and WSOP sessions in full — but we have them for posterity. Fortunately what the clips reveal is that in some ways Daniel Negreanu is just like any other player that experiences unfortunate beats every session. It’s just that the entire world isn’t watching, and in this case, of course, we don’t see the hands where he wins.

His popularity and success plays a big part in why he has been described by some as polarizing figure and are rooting for him to fail in his Doug Polk heads-up match, even as a big underdog.

Of course, we can’t feel too bad for Negreanu since he still has accumulated $42 million in lifetime winnings according to the Hendon Mob, good enough for 3rd all time. In fact, his WSOP wasn’t too shabby either. Although he didn’t win his coveted 7th WSOP bracelet — he hasn’t since 2013) and he finished no higher than 9th place twice, he cashed in an impressive 36 events.

And that’s probably better than you or I did.


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