Daniel Negreanu on Dat PokerCast Talks About Heads-up Challenge

Daniel Negreanu Goes In-Depth On Hand Charts, Heads-Up Challenge Match With Doug Polk

By now you have probably heard about — and perhaps completely sick — of the ongoing feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, taking place primarily on Twitter.

But if you are one of the many poker fans eating this up and craving the seemingly daily drama-filled back and forth, or if you simply need to catch up, you can now hear about the latest drama straight from the horse’s mouth.

Negreanu speaks about Doug Polk heads-up challenge

In the latest episode of the DAT PokerCast, Negreanu sat down with Terrance Chan, Adam Schwartz and Ross Henry to discuss the topic, including hand charts and the Heads-Up Challenge in general. Interesting, Negreanu indicated that the Challenge almost broke down saying that advisors told him “he could not play” the match if any real-time chart could be used.

One of the more notable new pieces of info on the Challenge itself is that Negreanu revealed that the losing player can choose to stop the match after 12,500 hands. The winning player must continue to play if the losing player still wants to continue. Also, if both players agree, they can increase the stakes after 12,500 hands.

Negreanu also said that the match will “probably” be free if it’s on PokerGo.

We will focus primarily on the charts discussion, but the trio touched upon other poker and betting topics of the day including presidential betting markets, the Midway Poker Tour and Phil Galfond’s recent comments on the play of Phil Hellmuth. You can watch in its entirety below:

Here are timestamps of the discussion pertaining to the match with Doug Polk.

17:20 – A summary of the hand charts controversy which occurred over the last week.
18:21 – Daniel explains his side of the situation in depth.
23:35 – New details of the agreement includes two-hour sessions with players having the option of additional 1-hour sessions, per agreement by both parties.
24:20 – Should the “action player” set the rules?
25:20 – Terrance Chan says that Negreanu has won the public battle on this topic, but is Negreanu being inconsistent about the harmlessness of preflop charts?
27:20 – Hand charts are not good for the game, says Negranu.
27:50 – Should napkins be prohibited?
28:33 – Clarifying issues with preflop charts use for post-flop.
29:36 – Summarizing some of the other details of the challenge.
30:05 – Presenting the match for viewers, likely through PokerGo.
31:48 – How Negreanu is preparing for the match.
32:49 – Negreanu odds of winning and variance in heads-up poker in general.
33:50 – Daniel Negreanu odds are increasing on PokerShares.

More information

For further information on the upcoming match between Negreanu and Polk, check out a few of our other recent articles on the topic. The Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk Twitter feeds also continue to be a treasure trove of information and hype for the challenge match.

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