Daniel Negreanu rant

Negreanu Still Ranting Thursday After Tumultuous Day 17 Session

Daniel Negreanu had another tough session in his heads-up match against Doug Polk on Wednesday. Down $674k before the session, Daniel Negreanu lost another $101k over the course of 3 hours on Wednesday.

It was yet another frustrating session filled with bad luck and bad timing for Negreanu. That frustration boiled over in his post-game interview with Jeff Platt and Patrick Tardif. You can watch that interview here.

But here’s an excerpt that should give you a good idea of how he felt in the minutes after the session (some longtime poker players can undoubtedly relate):

After having some time to cool down and sleep on the session, Negreanu returned with his daily analysis on showdown hands from the day. The review includes a pivotal hand from the end of the session, an AK vs AA that sealed Negreanu’s fate for the session.

It’s an, umm, interesting analysis with Negreanu still reeling from the previous day. Negreanu gives us some color and emotion as he highlights the 17 hands that went to showdown. As one YouTube user appropriately commented, “Daniel turning into Phil Hellmuth before our eyes.” Yes, granted, with a lot more expletives.

Hands reviewed during the video:

A5s – 0.20 – “This is stupid, what am I doing?”
J6s – 0.46 – “What the hell?”
J6s – 1.12 – “We got the f**king straight!”
AA – 1.47 – “Showing me how you are going to beat this f**king hand now.”
K3s – 2.24 – “We have an easy call.”
AKs – 3.10 – “Finally, he didn’t make some goofy ass hand.”
Q4o – 3:54 – “We gotta keep betting, man.”
A4o – 4:28 – “What am I doing?”
TT – 4:49 – “Tens! Alright, Tens are good.”
J7o – 5:24 – “Eat some of this!”
87s – 6.02 – “F**king game is ridiculous.”
AQs – 6:40 – “Look at me roll!”
A8o – 7:00 – “I bet, why not?”
TT – 7:26 – “What the f**k are these f**ks?”
87o – 8:04 – “What are you going to do, buddy?”
K2o – 8:31 – “I’m going to raise him here, because f**k it.”
AKs vs AA – 9:17 – “Oh great, one time!”

Day 18 today

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will waste no time playing their next session. The pair will return for Day 18 of their High Stakes Feud match on Thursday, which will be day 2 of 3 in a three-day stretch of play.

Negreanu hopes that his misfortunes of the last couple of sessions will turn around on Thursday while Polk hopes to ride the momentum. Poker fans can watch the action live, starting at 5:30 PM ET from a variety of different streams.


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