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Brad Owen Poker Vlog Ratings Soar on YouTube

Poker vlogger Brad Owen is consistently earning 98% one-click approval ratings for videos uploaded to his YouTube channel. We take a look at one of his recent uploads from the Texas Card House in Austin.

Native Californian Brad Owen began uploading poker videos to his YouTube channel in late 2016, and has since amassed an audience of over 80,000 subscribers on that platform alone.

The popular Meet Up Game co-host along with Run It Up ambassador Andrew Neeme are innovating the live poker scene with their player-friendly approach — attracting dozens of fans to each casino and card room featured in their vlogs.

Brad Owen YouTube Channel Video Stats

Brad Owen has uploaded five videos to his YouTube channel so far in 2019, with eye-opening viewer approval numbers that have consistently reached 98%.

Brad Owen YouTube Channel 2019
SOURCE: YouTube Channel Data (click image to enlarge)

Approximately 2% of all views result in one-click engagement.

Brad Owen poker vlog clips typically prompt hundreds of comments from fans.

What Are Meet Up Games (MUGs)?

According to a February 2019 interview with Robbie Strazynski for the Top Pair Podcast (Episode #327 – TIMESTAMP 27:30 to 40:00), the mission of Meet Up Gamesis to gather people around a poker table who are interested in having fun, meeting other people, socializing over a card game, and making connections that last beyond the four hours that we spend playing poker each night.

The concept began in the summer of 2017 during the World Series of Poker, when Owen and Neeme were looking for poker action away from the bustle of long ‘wait lists’ at Las Vegas Strip casinos.

We wanted to sort of move away from a super-crowded room and do something unique, and prop-up one of the less populated rooms on a mid-week day,” said Neeme during the interview.

Unlike highly controversial private games which, according to poker legend Doyle Brunson have “decimated casino poker,” MUGs utilize social media outreach to collaborate with a number of card rooms to offer games that are open to everybody who attends.

Referring to the Meet Up Games, Neeme told PokerNews that “there are no restrictions as far as who we want there who we don’t want there. I think it is sort of a natural occurrence as far as who’s going to show up and the vibe that’s going to be set.

Brad Owen Poker Vlog Episode #83 (TIMESTAMPS)

Week 1 YouTube Ratings — 103,708 Views (3,472 Likes, 35 Dislikes)

(0:00) Intro
(0:33) Brad Owen & Andrew Neeme Meet Up Game segue, Texas Card House in Austin
(1:02) $5/$5 No Limit Hold’em “Uncapped” game (7 tables)
(1:30) Poker Cash Game Hand #1
(2:16) Hand #2
(2:44) Hand #3 (Double-board bomb pot)
(4:47) Hand #4
(5:07) Hand #5 (Double-board bomb pot)

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(8:06) Hand #6
(10:43) Hand #7
(11:12) Hand #8
(12:05) Hand #9
(12:53) Hand #10
(13:10) Hand #11 (Double-board bomb pot)
(13:55) Hand #12
(14:58) Poker chips rack-up and money count
(15:23) Brad Owen Meet Up Game recap (Texas Card House, Austin)

(16:01) $150 buy-in MUG tournament (123 entries)
(16:24) Poker tournament bubble action — MTT Hand #1
(17:38) MTT Hand #2
(18:55) Brad Owen MTT “bubble boy” sweat
(20:35) Outro, future Meet Up Games

Brad Owen YouTube Channel Popularity (Analysis)

The childhood Pizza Hut spot actor has become part of a growing number of players who are organizing to increase their commercial value as for-profit poker games continue to dry up due to higher costs and tougher competition.

Meanwhile, the promotional power of YouTube and Twitch live streaming personalities is quickly getting noticed by smaller card rooms and online poker sites that are eager to increase traffic and liquidity.

Collaboration with players who are capable of organizing and entertaining like-minded fans could result in broadcasters exerting continued influence over the poker world, both live and online. More casino companies could join the trend in upcoming months, as brands seek out additional methods for attracting casual players to their products that complement traditional in-house and super-affiliate marketing.

LISTEN: Kat Arnsby Airs Her Thoughts on PTP Podcast (Guest Appearance – Dec 23, 2016)

Only time will tell if poker “get-togethers” such as Meet Up Games become a global phenomenon for popular vloggers and casters. For now, the promotional landscape for low-to-medium traffic poker operators appears to be shifting towards multi-platform social media outreach.


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