Landon Tice Vs Bill Perkins

Who Won The Bill Perkins Vs Landon Tice Heads-Up Match?

After the conclusion of the widely successful Negreanu vs Polk heads-up challenge, poker fans’ attention turned to what the next high-profile heads-up match may be.

One match that got a lot of attention is between The Thirst Lounge’s Bill Perkins and Landon Tice. Things got serious — there were even PokerShares betting lines already up on the match.

To make things interesting and the match more even, Tice gave Perkins a big head start.

What do we know about this match?

When did the Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins begin?

After initially discussing a May 2021 start, the match’s first hands were played shortly after on June 2nd.

Who won the Landon Tice versus Bill Perkins match?

On July 3rd, Landon Tice quit the match, giving Bill Perkins the win after only 4,907 hands.

Landon Tice was ahead in the pair’s heads-up battle on a monetary basis. However, because Perkins was given a $720,000 head start, Tice was actually behind. Check out the daily results during the 12 sessions:

Session #DateHandsTotal HandsWinner of SessionOverall Leader (Tice Needs To Win By $720k)Pace (Tice needs 9 BB to win)Watch
1June 2nd623623Landon Tice - $18,000Landon Tice - $18,0000Session 1
2June 3rd300923Bill Perkins - $79,000Bill Perkins - $61,0000Session 2
3June 5th4201,345Landon Tice - $160,000Landon Tice - $98,00018.22Watch Session 3
4June 7th3341,679Bill Perkins - $44,262Landon Tice - $53,8008.01Watch Session 4
5June 9th3662,045Landon Tice - $29,922Landon Tice - $83,70210.23Watch Session 5
6June 11th3622,407Bill Perkins - $67,699Landon Tice - $16,0031.66Watch Session 6
7June 14th3842,761Landon Tice - $90,568Landon Tice - $106,5719.55Watch Session 7
8June 17th3533,144Bill Perkins - $10,682Landon Tice - $95.8997.62
9June 19th5843,728Landon Tice - $16,349Landon Tice - $112,2387.53
10June 23rd4944,222Landon Tice - $31,986Landon Tice - $144,2558.54
11June 25th3484,570Bill Perkins - $51,990.27Landon Tice - $92,0315.03
12June 29th3374,907Landon Tice - $28,000Landon Tice - $63,7203.25

Why did Landon Tice quit?

On July 3rd, Landon Tice announced that he had quit the match due to his team deciding that there was “no other way to proceed.” Tice, who was winning at just a 3.25 bb/100 pace instead of 9 bb/100 and said that Perkins was a “much stronger player than expected and I took on more than I could handle.”

How much did Tice lose?

It unknown exactly how much Tice lost from the challenge because he was heavily funded by backers. In total, his backers lost $33,000 (the prorates 9 bb/100 figure) as well as a $200,000 sidebet. Landon Tice was up $63,720 at the tables, so it is presumed that he will take home that amount, meaning his backers lost somewhere north of $150,000. This figure does not account for other sidebets that were made. Chris Moneymaker tweeted that he likely lost more on the challenge than Tice did.

Where did Tice and Perkins play their heads-up match?

The heads-up match between Tice and Perkins was played on America’s Cardroom.

How can I watch Perkins vs Tice?

A few different YouTube channels streamed and covered the action, notably, the Solve for Why YouTube channel, which also hosts post-game interviews from Tice and Perkins after the match.

Joey Ingram was also providing his own unique brand of daily coverage of each match as well.

What game did Landon Tice and Bill Perkins play?

Like Negreanu vs Polk, they sat down at a heads-up game of $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em.

How many hands did they play?

Perkins and Tice agreed to play 20,000 hands, a bit less than Negreanu vs Polk and many of the Galfond Challenge matches, but still a sizable sample to get a good gauge of the winner.

However, Landon Tice withdrew from the match after less than 5,000 hands.

How much of a head start did Tice give Perkins?

Few doubt that Landon Tice is the undisputed better player of the two. Before the start of the match, Tice will give Perkins a head start of $720,000, the equivalent of 9 bb/100.

For context, Doug Polk’s $1.2 million victory was the equivalent of 12 bb over 25,000 hands. In Tice’s decision to play Perkins despite the large handicap, he seems pretty confident that he can beat Perkins by a large margin.

Any other notable rules?

Besides the basics of the challenge that have been agreed upon, it is noteworthy that Perkins and Tice have agreed not to allow limping. During the waning days of the Negreanu vs Polk match, Polk employed a limping strategy to lower variance, a move that was panned by Negreanu and some of those watching the match.

When did the Tice vs Perkins heads-up match start?

Tice says the plan is currently to play in May, to allow Perkins some time to study.

Where did Tice and Perkins play?

Tice and Perkins initially did not settle on an online poker room to play their heads-up match. Top candidates could be from Nevada, partypoker, a Bill Perkins endorsed online poker room. They ultimately settled on playing at Americas Cardroom, an offshore online poker room.

Will Tice and Perkins be playing with their own money?

Landon Tice has revealed he will be selling “a lot” of action for the challenge. “I’m not rolled to battle at nosebleeds. However, I am putting a very large amount of my relative net worth on myself winning it.”

Who is Landon Tice?

Although the most unknown between the two players, Landon Tice is a respected Heads-up No Limit Hold’em player. Still, he is relatively new to the poker scene, having only played professionally for the last 2 years. Those who watched the Negreanu vs Polk High Stakes Feud will know Tice from his commentary during the match via the Joey Ingram YouTube channel.

In addition to Perkins, Tice is expected to also play Dusk Till Dawn’s Rob Yong.

Who is Bill Perkins?

Bill Perkins is a former hedge fund manager, who parlayed his wealth to become a prominent player in the poker world, accumulating over $5.4 million in live tournament winnings. He is the head of The Thirst Lounge, a popular Twitch stream showcasing “unique individuals navigating through the millionaire lifestyle.” He has occasionally played with friend and Instagram King Dan Bilzerian.

Last year, Perkins agreed to a heads-up challenge with Phil Galfond, but the pair halted play after a few sessions. It’s unclear at this point, whether that match would be completed before or after Perkins vs Tice.

What are the odds of Perkins vs Tice?

PokerShares will be taking wagers on the match. On February 11th, Landon Tice is the favorite with European odds of 1.61 to win more than $720k. You can bet on Bill Perkins at 2.40. The market is effectively giving Tice a 60% chance of winning.

Who will win?

The smart money appears to be on Tice at this point. Poker pro Christian Harder summed it up best:

Where can I watch Perkins vs Tice?

There are were originally a few ways that players and poker fans can follow along and watch the Bill Perkins vs Landon Tice match.

The Thirst Lounge Twitch stream or YouTube channel were likely candidates for a streaming home. Tice pal Joey Ingram was also a good bet to be involved somehow. At first, the two main sources of live coverage are the Solve for Why YouTube channel, which features post-game interviews with both players after each match, as well as the Joey Ingram YouTube channel.

After the 7th session, the coverage seemed to move exclusively to the ACR Twitch channel.

Below is a sampling from the Solve for Why Podcast

Here’s a look at Joey Ingram’s commentary:

Stay tuned to BestBetUSA for the latest on this exciting heads-up match.


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