Bill Perkins grudge match bet

Bill Perkins Discusses Grudge Match Prop Bet

The Bill Perkins grudge match prop bet remains undecided following 13 rounds of heads-up No Limit Hold’em action between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. Hear what the multi-millionaire commodities trader had to say Monday about his prop bet prospects in the ongoing High Stakes Feud.

Poker Streamboat captain Bill Perkins called-in to Joey Ingram’s “High Stakes Feud” stream on Monday, informing the Poker Life Podcast host that the grudge match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu is likely “going the distance.”

Perkins, who has an undisclosed amount wagered on the side of an eventual Daniel Negreanu victory at 4:1 odds, was upbeat during his brief conversation with Ingram — who was joined in the Session #13 virtual commentary booth by Chip Leader Coaching instructor Chance Kornuth and recent Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian winner Landon Tice.

Bill Perkins Grudge Match Prop Bet Discussion (Partial Transcript)

Because of the manner in which Perkins’ impromptu communication was relayed, much of the audio may be difficult to interpret without headphones due to low volume.

Below is a partial transcript of the Bill Perkins segment during Joey Ingram’s Round #13 live cast.

Joey Ingram – High Stakes Feud Session #13 Live Cast – Nov 30, 2020 (video cued to 1:12:38-1:16:00)

Q: What are Bill Perkins’ thoughts on his grudge match prop bet?

Bill Perkins: “First of all, I like getting odds. Most of the time I’m laying odds against incredible feats. So I like getting odds. And so… the ‘incredible feat’ here would be for Daniel to get very good. To compress it to be better than a 4:1 dog. And so I wanted to bet on ‘The Man’ this time versus the machine. Doug is a machine. He’s been doing this for a while, and I wanted to bet on ‘The Man.'”

Q: How is betting on ‘The Man’ working out for Bill Perkins so far?

Bill Perkins: “There’s a lot of variance in heads-up poker so it’s not over yet. I still like it. There’s a lot of baseball left, you know… a lot of baseball left. We’re a sixth of the way through, so I’m feeling… you know, I still like it.”

Q: Does Bill Perkins believe Daniel Negreanu will ‘tap out’ after 12,500 hands if behind by $1 million?

Bill Perkins: “I think it’s going the distance. I think the million is sunk. It’s sunk. It’s gone. So if he’s down a million, the only way he’s going to play back… he’s going to assess the skill level at that point. And I think he’s getting better and better as he keeps playing. I don’t know why he wouldn’t play. Maybe I’ll get Daniel at 13:1 for $50,000 if he keeps going. Who knows? You know what I mean? I want it to go ‘to the death.'”

Q: Is the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu grudge match good for poker?

Bill Perkins: “UFC is one of the biggest things out there. People love battles. This is a good battle. This is one of the best things going on in poker for the past five years. This is exciting. This is fun. Despite who you are, or which side you’re on or whatever, this is very entertaining. It’s a lot of fun and people are learning things. It’s great.”


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