Wild Stampede at BGO

Get Wild With This £15,000 Chase

Summer is all about adventure, trying new things and feeling a thrill. But why can’t September be like that too? BGO Casino certainly seem to think September deserves to be as spicy as its hot seasonal neighbour August. And for that reason, they’ve unleashed an absolutely awesome promotion called Wild Chase with £15,000 in prize money to be won.

What is Wild Chase?

Wild Chase is a BGO promotion that’s leaderboard-based. It’s a familiar format to the online casino, who often boast these kind of promotions.

This promotion is taking place from now until midnight on Monday, 9th September. So you have until then to climb as high as you can on the leaderboard.

How do I earn Wild Chase Leaderboard points?

Leaderboards basically mean you want to get on top of them. Because the top of the leaderboard has all the best prizes.

With Wild Chase, climbing the leaderboard is relatively straightforward. And we like a straightforward mechanic.

You earn 1 leaderboard point for every £1 bet on specific slots.

One thing to note is that you can’t get any points for bets under £1. However, if you bet more than £1, you can get more points. For example, a 58p bet earns you no Wild Chase leaderboard points. However, a £5.38 bet earns you 5.38 leaderboard points.

What slots do I have to pay to climb the leaderboard?

There’s a great selection of slots as part of Wild Chase. And as the name suggests, they all have one thing in common: animals.

Here are the games you need to play to climb the leaderboard:

  • Dragon Stone
  • Fortune Pig
  • Jumbo Stampede
  • Wild Ape

What prizes can I win?

As we mentioned before, this leaderboard promotion is all about the cash prizes. There is a total prize pool of £15,000 to be won as part of Wild Chase. As always, the higher you climb, the bigger your rewards…

  • First place gets £2,000
  • Second place gets £1,500
  • Third place gets £1,000
  • Fourth place gets £750
  • Fifth place gets £500
  • Sixth through 20th place get £250 each
  • 36th through 50th place get £75 each
  • 51st through 100th place get £50 each

If you do end up in the top 100, your account will be credited by 18:00 GMT on Tuesday, 10 September. And as you’ve come to expect with BGO, there’s no wagering requirement on this cash either. You’re free to withdraw as soon as you get it, if you want. Now that would be a nice way to start September, wouldn’t it?

Where can I see my progress on the leaderboard?

If you’re curious to see where you are on the leaderboard, or if you’ve made it on there yet, you can see it simply. All you need to do is open any one of the slots games in Wild Chase to see it.

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All BGO players must be at least 18 years of age. Terms and conditions apply.


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