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Why You Matter – The Psychology Of Better Casino Gaming

When you enjoy playing casino games, perhaps at a place like BetRivers Casino, then many customers at the casino will try to find out as much as they can about how to improve their chances of winning.

Whether you are playing slot games, dice games, card games or any other form of casino entertainment, it is astonishing how many hours people will devote to trying to understand every nuance of a game in the hope of it giving them an edge when it comes to gaming.

However, it is a strange dichotomy that while many punters will invest vast swathes of time learning about the different strategies you can try to improve your chances of a win at the casino, they may well overlook the biggest and most influential factor that is vital to your success.

And that is your mental and emotional approach to casino gaming and how that influences how you play.

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Why Is How You Think As Important As Game Strategy?

You may think that the psychology of casino gaming is all rather fluffy and somewhat

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unclarified. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Casinos will often pay a lot of money to researchers to help them understand the habits and thought patterns of their players, so they can develop games that offer them the features that players will find appealing.

Not only that, but casinos can often tell you more about the type of player that certain games attract, such as which type of customer is most likely to play low risk/high reward games which offer very little chance of success, compared to players who will stick to the games where the house edge is not as great.

And if casinos are very interested in that information, isn’t it a good idea for an individual player to be aware of it too?

It is one thing to study the strategy behind the most advantageous plays in a game of blackjack, however how reliably can you play to that strategy when you are feeling tired, or have had a drink or two, or have experienced a long losing run (or in contrast, a good run of wins?)

There are any number of factors that can contribute towards how you will play casino games. These can be internal and external influences on you. For example, you may not feel great when you are playing, or you may have had some extremely good or bad news that has influenced your mood.

The question is, how much do you let these factors influence how you play at a casino?

This is why how you feel and think can be as important to you achieving better results at a casino. It is certainly as least as important as learning key strategies for games and there are many that believe your psychological and emotional make up are far more important in helping you play more optimally.

Emotions – Avoiding Tilt And Not Letting Your Heart Rule Your Head

Ask any experienced casino gamer what the most important thing is when playing games and

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they will no doubt explain that remaining in control of your emotions is a fundamental for more successful casino gaming.

Of course, it can be very difficult to remain in control of your emotions when you have had a bad run of luck. There are any number of famous examples of gamblers losing their cool when things have not gone as they would have liked, or when they have had a bad beat.

That is when they “tilt’ which is a term used to describe someone who is playing emotionally and not thinking clearly. In games where a customers will be facing other players, such as poker, top players love it when an opponent tilts during a game as it often makes them easier to beat, which then increases their negative play as they grow angrier and more desperate.

However, it is not just getting hot about your misfortune that can influence your gaming. Whether you feel very happy, or very sad, can influence how you play. Usually when you experience extreme emotions at either end of the spectrum, it can often result in more extreme type of bets being made and that is not ideal.

That is why players that are in control of their emotions are the ones that tend to be more consistent in how they play and that consistency, when allied to a solid strategy is what you should be aiming for.

Personality – Risk Taker Or Risk Averse And Understanding The Influence This Has On Your Gaming

Another key influence on your casino gaming success is your inherent personality. Some people

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are more risk-takers by nature, others tend to be more cautious. The good news is that there is no right or or wrong type of personality when it comes to casino gaming.

What is important is recognizing what type of personality you have and how that may influence your gaming.

Risk takers may be more inclined to play games that offer the higher value prizes, even if they are unlikely to be won by the player. These games can often have a higher house edge as well as generally larger prizes on offer to be won, such as in Keno, Slot Games or similar.

Players that are more risk-averse, will tend to stick to games that have a lower house edge, but offer smaller prizes. For example, they may play Blackjack or Video Poker, two games that tend to have the lowest house edge of most casino games.

Some games offer a mix of options for players, such as roulette, which caters for both types of players with risk takers more likely to place bets on inside of the layout (where the odds for success are much greater) while risk averse players will place outside bets on the layout (where the odds for success are 50/50 or 1/3).

As I said previously, there is no right or wrong personality here. However, understanding what type of player you are in terms of your personality will help you understand your gaming and allow you to understand which are the optimal bets for you to make.

Casinos have a great understanding of the type of player that play their games online and offline and if you want to optimise your play, then understanding your psyche, personality and emotions can play as big a role as following more advantageous gaming strategies.



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