Why Verify? Why The Casino Needs To Know Who You Are

For many people, verifying their casino account is viewed as at best, a pain to sort out, at worst, some kind of casino-conspiracy which will allow the government to track you so they can stick an implant in your brain and control you at will.

I jest of course, but it is somewhat strange to think that something that is essentially there to offer you peace of mind, security and safety (as well as being able to facilitate giving you your winnings), is viewed as being unnecessary, frustrating and simply a way for the casino to harvest more of your information.

All types of reputable casinos, including sweepstakes-based casinos like Chumba Casino, now have some form of verification in place that must be completed before funds can be withdrawn to an account. As such, it is something that is well worth getting to know more about.

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So how come you can deposit at a casino without verification, but now have to have your ID verifiedplaying against unbalanced regs zoom poker before you can receive any winnings back? After all, you don’t need to do that in a real-life casino. Why is it casinos are quick to take your money off you, but don’t seem to want to give it back when you win, quite so easily?

If that is what annoys you about the verification process, then let’s explain how this issue first began.

In The Beginning…

In the early days of online casino gaming, people could register an account at a casino, deposit funds (usually using a credit or debit card) and then if they landed a win, they could get the cash withdrawn back to the deposit method that they used to fund the account.

In those early days, casinos online were still very much a new thing and many of them were still developing the systems and methodologies used to operate today, as such the terms and conditions regarding depositing and withdrawing were not quite so refined as they are today.

That said, using the same method to withdraw as you deposited was quick and easy to follow, but it wasn’t long at all before problems started to appear with that system.

Problems Of Non-Verification

Very early in the process, casinos and gambling regulators began to notice a number of problematic

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issues with a small number of customers and the fact they were accessing winnings with no verification of who they were. Some of these key problems were:

  • Identity Theft – The scourge of many early online casino customers was to find out that someone had fraudulently obtained their account details or credit or debit card information. Used it to deposit at a casino, then withdrawn the winnings and transferred those funds to their account, or withdrawn them from an ATM. Often customers and casinos would only be aware that this has occurred long after the person committing the crime has stopped using the account.
  • Under-Age Gamblers – With no verification of the users, casinos could not say that they were taking all the steps they needed to address the issue of under-age gambling online.
  • Problem Gamblers – Similar to above, with no verification of who was receiving funds from a casino, casinos could not say that they were attempting to stop or give support to people who have developed problems with their gambling.

There were other issues surrounding the whole notion of people not saying who they were on their account and withdrawing funds to accounts with different names and even in different countries (some of which did not permit gambling).

Very quickly, it became clear that some kind of verification system was needed to help casinos get on top of the issue.

Introduction And Benefits Of Verification

To help casinos deal with these issues, account verification was introduced. Not only did casinos need your registration details, but in addition to that, before you made a withdrawal, you needed to verify that you are who you said you are when registering.

Furthermore, by ensuring that only government-issues (or state-issued) documents were valid for the verification process, it made it a very reliable way to ensure that people were sending them the real documentation, rather than faked details.

While the negative side of this is that people have to complete the verification process before receiving the funds, the very real positive benefit is that the right people receive the funds that are rightfully theirs. Casinos are protected from fraud and players are more assured that casinos are doing their best to deal with issues such as under-age gambling, irresponsible gambling and similar.

In short, verification has made it much more difficult for people to commit fraud and that can only be a good thing.

What Do I Need To Verify My Identity?

The first thing a casino needs to verify you are who you say you are is to ensure that your account isHellmuth vs Negreanu High Stakes Duel Round 3 actually in your name. Many casinos, including Chumba Casino, do state overtly now that any payments will only be into accounts that have the name of the account holder, not any other persons name.

To confirm your ID, you need to submit one of the following forms of ID all of which should contain your name, date of birth and address and a photograph of yourself.

  • Passport
  • Identity Card
  • Driver’s License

Some sites may ask user to upload a recent photograph when verifying their account too:

The documents submitted must be current and if any do not show your address, then you can use a bank statement, utility bill or any letter from a government authority (such as the IRS) to confirm your address. This letter must not be any older than six months old.

In addition, the casino may also require proof that your bank account is yours by asking for a bank statement from the past six months.

How Long Can Verification Take?

Although it may seem to be a lengthy process, if all is well with your verification check (as is the caseJason Koon sprint prop bet in most instances), then you can be verified within 5 working days. Any cash prizes you then want to withdraw are then available but can take an additional length of time to be processed and available in your account.

Why Might I Need Additional Verification?

In some cases, customers may supply out of date or incorrect information and in this case, the casino has the right to ask the user for additional verification information.

If this happens to you, then the casino will inform you of what additional steps you need to take in order to confirm your identity and the quicker you can provide them with this, then the quicker your verification will be finalized.

Yes, verifying your account can be a bit of a nuisance to sort out, but it is a small price to pay for added security and safer gaming environments.


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