What Brings You Luck When Playing Slots Or Casino Games?

Whenever you play games at online or real world casinos, there is a high probability that at some point you have felt that your luck is either in, or that it has deserted you completely. The notion of luck is a fundamental of casino gaming and little wonder then that many casino and slots players believe that there are certain items or behaviors that can give them a bit of extra good fortune.

Similarly, there are those that believe that other items or actions can cause their luck to slide and see them hit a losing streak.

In games that are either completely, or predominantly based on chance, luck can play a massive role in how successful you are when playing your game. Get lucky on a slot game for example, and you could win a sizeable sum. If your luck turns the other way, you can spin and spin and not hit any win of any note.

Little wonder then that there are plenty of superstitions that people hold which they contend bring them good luck. Similarly, there are other superstitions people have that they also believe will bring them bad luck!

Given how luck can influence any session at the casino, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more common ways people try to get lucky when playing casino games and slots. We’ll also take a look at some of the common things people believe bring them bad luck at the tables.

Good Luck Charms?

  • Lucky Charms/Numbers

No, not the breakfast cereal of the same name, but items such as a horseshoe, a four leafed clover or, if you are somewhat more macabre, a rabbit’s foot.

Many people believe these items can bring you good luck and people will often play games with their good luck charm, whatever that is, in their pocket, on their desk or at their side. Some will even stop playing and retrieve their item to play with it by their side.

What is amazing about these items is that almost anything can be a good luck charm. People will often attribute good fortune to an item and then assume that this magical totem brings with it good fortune (often even if the player experiences a poor run when playing with the item at hand).

Generally speaking, smaller items are easier to cope with both online and in real world casinos. It’s not easy, for example, to take a lucky briefcase into a casino and get away with it. A lucky coin, however, is much more easy to keep hold of in your pocket.

Many people also believe they have a lucky number and will focus on that number to bet on, especially in games like roulette. Lucky 7 is perhaps the most commonly used example of a lucky number.

  • Lucky Clothing

Superstition based on lucky clothing is far more prevalent than you would think, especially in the world of sports. There are many professional sportsmen and women who fervently believe that wearing an item of clothing, no matter how old and shabby it is, will bring them luck.

F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton famously had a pair of lucky pants, which he wore for years before his mother accidentally ruined them when washing them. Former star Felipe Massa also his own pair of lucky briefs too.

The same is true for people who believe that wearing a certain item of clothing or jewellery will bring them good fortune when playing casino games or slots and there are no limits on what item of clothing can be considered lucky, both underwear and outerwear are seemingly able to bestow good fortune upon the wearer. So can footwear and headwear too.

  • Blowing On The Dice

Have you ever been playing a board game and seen someone blow on the dice to get the number that they wanted? That superstition comes from people playing dice games at a casino and it was viewed as blowing on the dice imbued them with good fortune.

There is an apocryphal story that in olden days, dishonest gamblers coated dice on one side with something sticky that was activated by the moisture in their breath. That doesn’t seem plausible given how obvious it would be to detect but it seems to have inspired generations of people to blow on their dice for good luck.

  • Sitting, Standing or Leaving The Table

For some players, how they play, such as whether they are sitting or standing at the table, in their mind will bring them good or bad luck. Some gamblers believe that playing in one position is ‘luckier’ than the other.

Another common belief is that if you don’t watch the outcome of your game, by leaving the table briefly or, in the case of online games, closing your eyes or looking away, somehow luck will be more likely to be in your favor.

There is a true story of a big money progressive jackpot slots winner, who played a game on Autoplay, went to the toilet and came back to find that they had won the progressive jackpot prize. Strangely though, they didn’t attribute their good fortune to that visit to the smallest room in the house!

Bad Luck Omens?

Of course, luck comes in two different flavors and consequently, not all luck is good. Many people believe that there are a number of ways in which you can ruin your gambling session by bringing plenty of bad luck into play. Here’s some common ways people feel bad luck will befall them.

  • Unlucky Numbers

Some numbers are linked with bad luck. The most common one in western culture is the number 13 and many punters will avoid anything to do with the number when betting. In Chinese culture, the number 4 is also considered unlucky because the Chinese word for four, when spoken aloud, sounds like ‘death’.

  • Counting Money At The Table

It is considered by many to be an ill-omen for a gambler to count their money at the table, in addition to not being great etiquette. This seems to be based upon the notion that if someone is winning, then their luck will turn for the worse at some point, and counting up the cash from a big win is something likely to cause that to happen.

  • Whistling

Do you whistle along to your favorite tune when playing your choice of online casino game? Well maybe you should reconsider that as many people contend that whistling while playing casino games will bring the person bad luck. While whistling online is not an issue, doing so in a casino can also be very irritating to other players.

Do you have any superstitions you follow when betting online?


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