Unique Scatter and Bonus Symbols Found on Slot Games

There are two things that a set of scatter symbols could award you with when you spin in enough of them. You could be awarded with a winning cash payout that will be a multiple of the amount you wagered on the base game spin that those scatter symbols spun in on.

Also, the more scatters that do spin in on some slot games you can play the bigger the multiplier will become! Some slots in additional to or instead of awarding you with winning cash payouts will award you with some form of bonus game when you spin into view enough scatter symbols.

The most commonly awarded bonus game in respect of scatter symbols is a set of free spins, and it is also worth knowing that the numbers of free spins you will be awarded with can often grow in number when you spin into view more than three of them.

All scatter symbols are designed in such a way that you are never going to be required to line them up on any activated payline, and as such you simply need to get enough of them landing anywhere on a slot games screen to win a cash payout and/or trigger a bonus game.

However, bonus symbols found on lots of different slot games often work and play in a slightly different way. Those symbols are usually required to spin in on reel one but only on an activated payline and then land on selected reels before you will trigger some form of bonus games.

To make any slot game that have bonus symbols on their reels a little more exciting to play you can also find some slots which only award bonus games when you line up those symbols on certain reels or in an unusual way.

Take for example Microgaming Sneaky Peek slots, those being the Doctor-Doctor or Hunky Heroes slot games. When playing those two slots the only way you get to trigger and then play off their respective pick and match bonus games is by first spinning in on reel number one, on any of the three different in view reel positions a bonus symbol.

But then on reel number five on the same row as the bonus symbol spun in on reel number one you have to spin in one of the Character reel symbols, and by doing so you then get to play off the pick and match bonus game!

Some video slots have stacked sets of scatter symbols on the middle reels or single set of those scatter symbols, you will need to have spun in enough of those symbols to trigger their respective bonus games however.

Take for example the Kitty Glitter slot, that game is one designed by IGT and whenever you do spin in the three scatter symbols, on the middle three reels the bonus game will then be triggered and awarded to you.

So one thing is for certain when playing slot games in  any playing environment, is that you will find plenty of unique and unusual scatter and bonus symbols, so always read the pay table of each slots you play to see how those bonus and scatter symbols play and/or pay!

Test Play Slots with Bonus and Scatter Symbols

You may prefer simply playing some of the more basic of slot games such as the classic slots and the older styled three reel slots, and if you do so then you will rarely come across those types of slots offering bonus symbols and/or scatter symbols.

It will be mainly on the five or more video reel slot games that you will come across those types of reel symbols and as such those are going to be the slot games you should track down and play online.

One thing that is worth pointing out however, is that by making the very wise decision of playing at any of our featured casino sites, using any companies range of casino games that appeal to you, is that you will be able to play the slots on offer for free.

That is then going to allow you play any slot games you like the look of for as long as you like and then see firsthand just how the scatter symbols and bonus symbols will make your slot playing session at ad more exciting, and to also allow you to see if those are the type of slot games you will enjoy playing when and if you switch over to playing them for real money!


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