Tracking Down and Playing the Five Times Play Slot

The Five Times Pay slot machine is another slot from IGT that has stood the test of time, and maybe one you will find appealing. As is usually the case there are a few different versions of this slot, but one you will find on offer in bricks and mortar land based casinos and also at online and mobile casino sites is the single line, three reel version.

You can play one, two or three coins on that single payline, and by increasing the number of coins per spin on that one pay line you can benefit from some enhanced payouts, namely the jackpot payouts.

The jackpot on offer for a one coin spin is 2,000 coins, however that jackpot becomes one worth 5,000 coins when playing for two coin spins or 15,000 coins when playing for three coins, and as such it will be worth playing for three coins to have the chance of winning that much higher valued jackpot payout.

This slot is in fact designed as a high variance Classic slot, for when playing it there are some special wild symbols in play on all three reels, get all three of them on the pay line and that is how you win the jackpots mentioned above.

However, at any point in time when you have played off a base game spin and you have one of those symbols helping you form a winning combination, the value of that winning combination is going to be boosted by five times its pay table listed winning payout.

Things start to get even more exciting if you spin in two of the wild symbols, which for reference are the Five Times Pay logo symbols, for when you do alongside any third reel symbol the payout listed for that third symbol on the pay table are boosted in value by a huge 25 times their listed payout values!

The only winning combination that is not boosted with the help of those symbols is the jackpot payout. Being a high variance slot however you can often find when playing this slot you can go on some quite long losing streaks when not many winning combinations are spun in.

However, there is always the chance you could win big with the help of those wild multiplier symbols.  The Five Times Pay slot is available in lots of different coin denominations, so you will often find at least one of them in the high limit area of a casino and also lots of lower stake versions dotted around a casino gaming floor.

There are no bonus games or bonus features on offer on this slot, so one additional thing you will discover when playing it is that you can always play off a lot of spins per session, which when playing in a casino offering a generous comp club, if you do get a longer than average slot playing session that will see you earning a lot of comp points, dependent of course of the coin values and stakes you choose to play it for!


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