The Surprising Truth About Casino Bonuses And Why You Should Use Them!

One of the things about online casino gaming at sites like PlaySugarHouse Casino, that I feel makes them so exciting and good value for punters is the fact that casinos will often have a variety of different offers available, which customers can take advantage of if they so wish.

Yet there are plenty of ‘Karen’s’ out there who are only too happy to have a grumble and complain about the different types of bonuses that online casinos offer and the terms and conditions that are attached to them.

There are plenty of people who will read comments made by these kinds of people and think to themselves “well, given what they have said, all casino bonuses must be a con,” but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

And in almost every case, it is the unrealistic expectations of the customer that is the real reason for their anger, rather than the actual casino or its offer.

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Let’s start with a good example that many people have a grumble about, a typical casino welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus Grumbles

So what are some of the most common Welcome Bonus grumbles you’ll hear from people when they sign up at an online casino? Here’s just a selection:

  • “I can’t withdraw my welcome bonus right away! It’s a con!”

I don’t really understand people that think a casino is in the habit of giving away money. When you sign up with a casino and you have activated a welcome bonus, let’s say a matched deposit bonus of 100% up to $100, is it really that unexpected that the casino expects you to spend that money with them?

Let’s say, for example, you head down to your local grocery store and spend $100 on groceries and as you leave, the store clerk hands you a bonus of $100 to spend in the shop on your next visit.

Would you complain that you can’t spend that $100 at a competitor’s store on the next block?

No you wouldn’t! You’d thank them for the kind gift and use it next time you came to the store to take advantage of it.

A welcome bonus from a casino is no different. It is bonus cash, it is their money, and the casino has the right to ensure that you spend it with them and that you do so according to the terms and conditions they are happy with.

You can sometimes withdraw money you received as bonus cash if you can complete any wagering requirements attached to it, which brings me neatly onto the next gripe many online casino customers have.

  • “What a fix! The welcome bonus has a wagering attachment on it!”

Many people take umbrage that a welcome bonus they receive at a casino has aHeads-up No Reads Poker Strategy wagering requirement as part of the terms and conditions of the offer. That isn’t really surprising, is it?

I don’t know too many casinos that have lasted that long who give money out to customers with no expectation of receiving any of it back.

The wagering requirement is used by casinos to ensure that their liability from their offers can be mitigated. It isn’t a ‘penalty’ as I have often heard it described, on new customers.

What makes this especially baffling is that nowadays, many casinos offer very small wagering requirements. Some establishments have offers which offer just a 1x wagering requirement. Which means if you receive a $10 bonus, you simply have to bet $10 and any money you win after that, is yours to keep and do with what you like.

The flip side of this is casinos who have huge wagering requirements, maybe sometimes 40x, 50x or even 100x or more of the bonus amount. I do have some sympathy with customers at these casinos as the chances of realising any case from a bonus with this type of requirement is slim.

However, the fact remains that you will still get all that bonus cash free play to enjoy, regardless of the wagering requirement, and that when you use it, it is not costing you a cent.

  • “I’ve played my free spins and only won a few dollars! What a con!”

I had a fantastic discussion with one of my friends who had joined an online casino for the first time and felt they were a bit of a slots whizz. They received 25 Free Spins as part of their sign-up offer which were to be played on a named slot, and sure enough they decided to play his Free Spins first before spending any of his deposited cash.

First, my friend complained that the bet size was too small – “I didn’t realise free spins would be for $0.25 per spin, I want to play for ten times that!”- then they complained that the slot was “faulty” (how they ascertained this, was never made clear to me), then finally they had a whine that after 25 Free Spins, they had won just under $3. “It’s hardly worth the effort!”

I gently reminded him that the Free Spins had not cost him a cent and that the $3 he had made, which had a 1x wagering requirement, was $3 more than he had originally in his account and that it equated to a further 12 Free Spins at the same bet rate ($0.25).

With Free Spins, they are precisely that, spins on a slot game that are free to you, but which have as much, or crucially, as little chance of success as any other spin on the game.

  • “I’ve got a bonus, but to access it, I have to wager on the site first! What a joke!”

How callous are these online casinos? They give you a bonus but then say you have to

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wager on the site first to release the bonus to play with!

Now I admit, I much prefer bonus offers where the player receives the bonus up front added to their account alongside their deposit, even if they cannot use the bonus cash until their deposited cash has been spent. That is absolutely fine with me.

But some sites, especially those that can offer large bonus offers to customers, may ask players to wager on the site to release their bonus in increments over time once a certain amount of cash has been wagered.

Now for players that do not spend a great deal at a casino and are infrequent players, these offers tend not to be the best value, which is why I’d advise you to look for a different offer which offers more instant rewards.

However, for higher rollers, or people who play at online casinos regularly every week and have a larger than average net spend, meeting the requirements for these bonuses are generally not a big issue and as such, they can access some sizeable bonuses as a result.

That’s the thing with casinos bonuses, they can be aimed towards different types of players and just because one bonus isn’t the best value for you, doesn’t mean that it is not good value for another casino player.

The truth of casino bonuses is that these are incentives to get you to do one thing, play and deposit at that casino. If you are spending time and money at a casino, then any bonus is always worth taking up as it offers you play at the casino which you do not have to pay for.

For that reason alone, casino bonuses are always a player’s friend, regardless of what the Karen’s say!



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