Ten Reasons Why Playing At Online Casinos Is Better Than Real World Casinos!

When you think about it, playing in a real world casino does seem to be hugely appealing, especially when you think of gambling meccas such as Montecarlo, Macau, Atlantic City and of course Las Vegas.

There are many companies that make a healthy living out of supplying vacations to all the above places, plus many more, that are especially aimed at those seeking to wager some of their hard earned dollars while they are away.

So it would seem that when it comes to the gambling experience, the real world seems to have the online world beat.

Or does it?

That’s because underneath the glitz and glam of real world casinos, there are plenty of negative issues that you can run into, all of which are either not present, or mitigated by playing online.

So, with that mind, we are going to give you ten good reasons why playing online casino games is actually better than playing similar casino games in a real world casino.

Admittedly, wherever you play from may not have the neon-lit beauty of a Las Vegas, but there are plenty of other positives you can focus upon and here’s just ten of them!

  1. Online Casino Gaming Is More Cost-Effective

Whenever you are gambling, you want more bang for your buck! Well in terms of being cost-effective, Online Gaming is the clear winner. There are so many additional costs you need to factor in for casinos in the real world, transport, accommodation, even flights. Then you need food, drink, spending money, clothes… the list continues.

However, playing at home on your mobile cuts out all these additional costs and means that you can still enjoy all casino gaming has to offer, but without spending anywhere near as much to do so.

  1. Online Casino Gaming Is More Convenient

What is a trip to Vegas costing nowadays? How about an all-expenses paid trip to Macau or Monaco? If you are heading to a casino hotspot, then you are going to be paying a lot of money and have to sort out time off work, accommodation etc.

Even if you just want to visit your local casino in town, then you will find that traveling to and from there takes time and requires you to have a good chunk of free time, and funds, to go and be able to enjoy it fully.

However, you can play online any time you have time to take out a phone or tablet and load up a casino for a few spins. In terms of convenience and fitting into modern life, online casino gaming wins hands down.

  1. Online Casino Gaming Is Easier To Budget For

When you head out to a real world casino, it is very easy to spend your budget quite quickly. The heady atmosphere, a few drinks, perhaps some peer pressure from friends to spend a bit longer playing, means there are untold temptations trying to influence you to spend more money than you originally intended.

However, in an online casino, you don’t have all those added distractions and so, you can much more easily keep tabs on how much you have spent and make sure you are gambling responsibly and at a level you can afford.

  1. You Aren’t As Likely To Lose Track Of Time Playing Online Casino Games

Ever wondered why casinos don’t have many windows or clocks? It’s nothing to do with security. It is everything to do with making you lose track of time, so you lose track of just how much time you have spent gambling at the casino.

However, when you are playing at an online casino, you can use any number of different responsible gambling tools, or your own will power, or even timers on mobile devices, to ensure that you only play for as long as is sensible, and spend the right amount for your current situation.

  1. You Don’t Have To Tip The Dealer

Ok, now I am not saying that tipping a dealer is a bad thing in a real world casino, they do a great job and I think it is only right that you should throw some love their way in the form of chips, especially if you have had a few wins or they have provided great service to you.

However, with most online casino games being computerised, there is no dealer to tip and this means more money to spend on your games.

An exception is some Live Casino games, which do allow you to tip the dealer if you wish, but again this is optional but with a human dealer providing a service, I would view this type of game as in the same bracket as real world casino games.

  1. You Don’t Have To Dress Up To Play At An Online Casino

Part of the thrill of playing at real world casinos is the glitz and glam and the chance to dress up and enjoy a night in the casino in your finery. However, that can prove to be expensive in terms of buying those clothes and then time-consuming to get ready for your night out.

Alternatively, with an online casino, you can play wearing whatever you like, or even wearing nothing at all. However, we would advise a degree of caution with the latter, especially if you are on the train to work, or enjoying a quiet game or two during a family get together!

  1. An Absence Of Casino Low-Lifes

Anything that generates a lot of money is a target for an assortment of low lifes and real world casinos are no different. You do find the whole range of humanity in these places ranging from the kindest and most caring people in the world, to those who will try to con, scam or steal from you, or worse.

So that gorgeous brunette who has been hanging on your every word all night while you buy her drinks and who seems interested in taking things further, she’s probably (definitely) a hooker.

So from those that try to steal chips or cash, try to con you, hassle you or hustle you, casinos are a magnet for the seedier types and the beauty of playing online is that you avoid all of them.

  1. Online Casinos Offer Better Bonuses For More Casual And Infrequent Players

Ever noticed nowadays that casino comps are getting thin on the ground? That’s because casinos use player cards to see how much you are spending with them, and if you are not spending enough, then those comps you are used to getting soon start to dry up.

However, if you are playing in an online casino, the bonuses are designed to be far more compatible with players who play less frequently and as such, they tend to offer much better value for money for those type of customers that are not gambling several times throughout the week.

  1. You Can Play Online Even If You Are With The Kids

So you want to head to Vegas or Macau and hit the casinos, but there is only one problem. You’ve got the kids tagging along on the holiday with you and your wife and they are not old enough to gamble or go into casinos.

That means you need to scrub Vegas and Macau off the holiday list and instead look for something a bit more child-friendly, such as Orlando in Florida maybe, or how about a beach holiday in Europe?

While those holiday’s are nice enough, it does mean your real world casino gaming opportunities are going to be, at best limited, at worst, nil.

However, with an online casino, once you have the children asleep in bed, or perhaps enjoying a holiday club, you can load up your choice of game and enjoy a few spins on the slots, or a few hands of blackjack, whatever takes your fancy.

Just remember, being a responsible parent means parenting responsibly and keeping a close eye on your kids!

  1. Your Winnings Go Direct To Your Bank/Card/eWallet Not Given To You As A Wad Of Cash!

We’ve mentioned the casino ne’er do wells previously and they are linked in with the final benefit of playing online over real casino gaming and that is what happens if you are fortunate enough to win a significant amount of money.

Well what do I mean by significant? I mean an amount of money that you would find uncomfortable if you had to carry that around with you as a cash amount. Or that some local chancer would love to take from you by any foul means they can dream up.

In Vegas some big money winners will ask security to escort them to their car or hotel room, so scared are they of being robbed and targeted by gangs that are seeking to steal from people who have had a good night at the casino.

Now this may only happen rarely, but it is enough to terrify many people, so when you consider if you hit a big win online, the cash goes straight into your balance and from there you can withdraw direct to your bank account, it is a much safer way to receive your cash!



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