Tales From The Pit – Intriguing Reddit Stories From Purported Casino Employees

Working in a casino must mean that over time, you will get to know about all the secret little things that happen in the casino. Well, on the popular discussion board Reddit, there are a number of threads where purported casino employees, or ex-employees, lift the lid on some of the secret strategies casinos employ to tempt players into parting with their cash.

Now, I realise that a Reddit thread is not the most accurate and verifiable source of information, which is why I added a strong caveat that these stories are supposed to be from former or current casino employees. However, there is no real way to verify this.

So I present these stories, hints, tips or information to you as they were found on Reddit, it is up to you to decide whether or not they have any degree of truth to them or not!

Worst Games To Play In The Casino?

One Reddit User by the name of pan0ramic said that they were a dealer in a casino for five years and that there were a number of games that had the worst odds for players at the casino. These were named as:

“Slots, let-it-ride poker, Caribbean stud/draw or double zero roulette.”

There are some other games that, when analysed statistically are also reckoned not to be the most advantageous for players, such as Keno for example, which this user does omit (possibly because their casino didn’t offer these games).

Your Biggest Fan At The Table?

If you aren’t playing with your spouse, a friend or family member and are alone at the table, who is likely to be your biggest fan when playing and hopes that you win? Not the dealer right, as they are there to do the houses bidding.

Well, no, that’s actually not true as our friend pan0ramic confirms.

“90% of the time the dealer is hoping that you win so that they’ll get a tip (tip your dealers!). The other 10% of the time they want you to lose either because you’re the last person on their table (yay break time) or you’re a dick. Note: There is no profit-sharing in casinos so dealers don’t get anything no matter how much money they bring in.”

This is actually a very good point as many people will sit at tables in a casino and assume that the dealer, because they are working for the casino, wants you to lose. That is almost certainly not the case and as such, if you can build up a friendly rapport with the dealer, then you will find playing your choice of table game even more enjoyable.

Another user, willwallguy offers a good insight into how useful the dealer can be at your table.

“Went to Vegas with a few buddies during a slow time, right before Thanksgiving. The guys working the craps table were bored and helped us learn. Giving us advice on what the best odds were in different situations, so definitely tip. If you are making them money, they will want you to stay.”

So, remember, the dealer is not there to try and divest you of your money. They really want you to win so you will tip them more. So use that to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Membership Cards

Many casinos offer membership cards, or in the case of online casinos you can join the loyalty scheme which is a similar thing. One user Iamamamallama, stated that they had worked in one of the largest and most profitable casinos in the world for seven years and offered up some key information about Membership Cards.

“Definitely get a membership card wherever you go. Without that card, you are not in the system, so the casino does not know what you play, so you cannot get free things. Free things are good.”

This is a very valuable piece of advice if you play regularly at casinos, or intend to play a lot on a vacation. If the casino can track what you play and spend over a period of time, they are going to be far more likely to offer you the free ‘comps’ that are one of the main benefits players can receive from the casino.

Escort To Your Vehicle

If you have struck lucky at a casino and have landed a sizeable win, then one great tip from our friend pan0ramic again concerns leaving the casino and heading back to your vehicle or taxi.

There are any number of stories of people leaving the casino and being rather unsubtle about a big win they have landed, only to find themselves being hijacked and forced to hand over their winnings to criminals on the look out for precisely this type of customer.

Instead, if you have landed a large win and feel uncomfortable walking to your car to head home or to your hotel, pan0ramic suggests you ask the security guards at the casino to walk you to your vehicle and they will likely be happy to (especially if you offer them a tip for their efforts!).

This is great advice for anybody who feels concerned about leaving any casino for any reason.

Hook, Line And Sinker

Casinos attract all walks of life and you may well be surprised to find many attractive and often skimpily clad ladies at the bar, who wants to strike up a conversation with you and seems enthralled by every word you say.

Now, while it may be lovely to think that you have suddenly developed the attractiveness of Jason Momoa and been imbued with tonnes of charisma, as one Reddit user, Sirromnad, flatly puts it:

“The hot single girl by herself at the bar is a hooker.”

While YakiVegas clarified that statement a little further by adding.

“The hot single girl by herself at the bar is usually a hooker – FTFY If they’re skimpily clad then 97% chance of a hooker.”

The Magic Switch Doesn’t Exist

Finally, a number of different Reddit users have all commented on the same thing which is essentially that there is no magic switch in the casino that can be flicked and which will then see all the slot games in the casino magically start paying out.

One user, who remains anonymous, explained how the process of changing the payout rate of a slot works:

“Slot machines pay our according to their pre-set payout percentages…Once they’re set, they remain so until our site manager petitions the Gaming Commission to change them and why, await approval, then set an appointment with the compliance officer and a vendor of the particular game, then watch as the vendor clears the EPROM on the game and replaces it with new data.”

“This heavily bureaucratic process can take several months depending on it and when Gaming will get off their ass and do their jobs.”

“In short: we don’t have a switch in the back that can change how the machine pays out. We just set the percentage and let mathematical momentum take effect.”

So there you go, these are just some of the intriguing stories and observations from people that have purportedly worked in the pit at casinos over the years, make of them what you will!


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